What if your “soul mate” was a monster?

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Girl from Jussara
By: Hettie Ivers
Genre:  Urban Fantasy, Paranormal RomanceGIRL_FROM_JUSSARA_FINAL

What if your “soul mate” was a monster?  Would you embrace your destiny?  Or chop his head off in his sleep?

After escaping the supernatural beast who claimed to be her fated mate, a pregnant, 16-year-old Lupe finds refuge with the Reinoso werelock pack, forging a complicated love-friendship with both the pack’s charming, former Alpha, Alcaeus, and the dark and enigmatic pack doctor, Kai.

This is the story of Lupe and of how she managed to get Alcaeus and the rest of the Reinoso male werelocks so well wrapped around her little finger.

Prequel to “Slip of Fate.”  May be read as a standalone or as part of the Werelock Evolution series.

**Mature Content Warning** – This story contains violence, dark subject matter, strong language, and sexual situations and is intended for adult readers.

Author Photo_300x300Author Bio:

Hettie Ivers loves to tell stories—the more twisty, darkly humorous and smutty, the better!  A workaholic insomniac with an overly active imagination, Hettie began writing as a distraction from the real life corporate mergers that were giving her nightmares.

As a dog lover and lover of hot men, she thought it’d be fun to write about both—combined into one paranormal package.  Hettie favors stories in which realistic, relatable characters must navigate fantastical, larger-than-life circumstances. She’s a sucker for sexy antiheroes, underdogs, and flawed protagonists, and she enjoys fresh spins on classic tropes with a sprinkling of satire.



On Amazon: http://amzn.to/29H0SmT





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Review: Men of the Cross by Charlene Newcomb


Title: Men of the Cross, Book 1 of Battle Scars

Author: Charlene Newcomb

Published: May 5, 2014

Published By: Blue X Entertainment

ISBN-13:  978-0692205945

Number of Pages: 354

Cost: $10.99 (Paperback)

Genre: Historical Fiction


There have been many books written about and several movies made about the crusades. Some movies include: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991), Arn-The Knight Templar (2007), Saladin, The Victorious (1963) and The Crusades: Crescent and the Cross (2009).  Books written about the crusades include: Jan Guillou-The Knight Templar (1999), Sir Walter Scott – Ivanhoe (1820), Angus Donald – Holy Warrior (2010) and now Charlene Newcomb – Book 1, The Battle Scars Series Men of the Cross.

In Book 1 of Battle Scars Men of the Cross, author Charlene Newcomb created a mixture of war, action, adventure, post-traumatic stress disorder and a same sex relationship with a dash of romance and a subtle pinch of politics and religion.

When King Richard the Lionheart put out a call for brave men to join the pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Henry de Grey believed it was his duty for God, king and country to answer that call. While he had never been to battle, he was ready, if it was God’s will, to die on the battle field defending the cause.

Stephan L’Aigle, a seasoned and hardened Knight had been seventeen years old when he took up the Cross for Richard, not the Pope or the Church. Readers get a hint of Stephan’s character early in the story: “He ignored the throng of men around him and focused on Henry.  That gaze unnerved Henry…” “You should stay and keep me warm.”  And later when a woman propositions him: “I can help.”  “I am afraid you have the wrong man, dear lady” Stephan replied.

While Henry and Stephan are the two main characters in Men of the Cross, readers will be introduced to Robin du Louviers, Little John, Allan and Marian.  If these names sounds familiar then rest assured they are who you think they are: Robin Hood, Little John and Allan (the outlaws and Merry Men) and Maid Marian.

The book reveals the amount of research that Newcomb put into her writing. A bit of her research included clothing of the time, sights and smells, behavior of the horses, the clank of swords, the sound of stone throwers and the nightmares of the Knights.

I give this book “5 Stars.”  I found Men of the Cross to be very different from other books that I have read about the Crusades and absolutely different from any movie that I have ever seen about this time period.

I recommend the Battle Scars series for anyone who is interested in the Crusades, historical fiction, same sex relationships, action, adventure or just a different kind of book all together.  I believe you will enjoy the characters Henry de Grey, Stephan L’Aigle and Robin du Louviers.

Movie producers and directors looking for a new twist on the Crusades should read the Battle Scars Series and turn it into a movie or a mini-series.  Personally, I believe this to have BLOCKBUSTER potential.

Book 2, Battle Scars Series, For King and Country now available.

Book 2, Battle Scars Series, Swords of the King, available 2018.




About the Author: From the Authors Amazon Page

Navy vet.
Mom to 3 grown, amazing children.
I live in Kansas. Yes, Toto. Kansas.

Born & raised in South Carolina, I wanted a life of adventure and travel. I realized my dreams of hitting the big time with the all-girl rock band Liberation were just that – dreams. And becoming an astronaut wasn’t in the cards. So I joined the Navy to see the world and spent six years as a communications technician/voice language analyst. I fit college into my life (BA in History, and many years later an MA in Library Science). That desire to travel in space translated into writing science fiction: I published 10 short stories in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. I have written two novels, one a contemporary drama, Keeping the Family Peace; the other, Men of the Cross (book 1 of Battle Scars), allows me to share my love of history with readers.

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Spotlight, Author Beem Weeks

BEEM WEEKS PICWhat’s To Be Gained From Writing Short Stories?

 Why write short stories? The answer is really quite simple: Short stories offer instant gratification for both writer and reader. A short story can be written in a day or two. It can be read in a matter of minutes. I love the work and research that goes into writing novels, but the short story is probably my favorite form of writing.

I began writing short stories when I first learned to construct a proper sentence—which goes back to about age eight. I’ve written nearly a hundred pieces over the course of my life, though most of those have been lost to time.

Anything can inspire me: An experience, a memory, an overheard comment. Our world is awash in ideas and inspirations—if only we choose to look for them. Often, I’ll be doing some mundane chore, like mowing the lawn, when a glimpse of a scene will enter my thoughts. This is how the idea for Lost Boy came to me. Lost Boy tells the story of an old man bothered by the noise created by the little boy’s trampoline next door. The idea came to me while mowing the lawn. The children next door have a trampoline, which, at times, can be quite noisy. I added the twist at the end, which led the old man to miss that sound of the squeaking springs once they ceased. I won’t give away that ending, but I am happy to say it’s just fiction.

A short story can cover many years in the lives of the characters. It can also be a single scene, a moment caught in time. I contributed a piece entitled Sweetie Girl to an anthology called Rave Soup for the Writer’s Soul. This story is a mere scene in the life of a woman struggling to care for her Alzheimer’s-afflicted mother. The shortest pieces can sometimes say as much as any novel. Hemingway wrote a quick-fiction piece: (For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.) That simple line opens up all sorts of possibilities. I imagine a young couple that never got to dress their baby. These are words that convey devastating things.

I jot down ideas on Post-It notes that are stuck all over my desk. When time allows, I begin working on one of those ideas. Some stories are written in a single afternoon. Others germinate over a few days. With the internet, and web sites like Authors Den and Koobug, getting those short stories in front of readers is relatively easy in today’s world.

I enjoy writing about all sorts of subjects in my short pieces: Quirky characters, dark characters, real life situations, things lost and found, and the just-plain-made-up stuff. In Peepers Creepers, a shy girl wanders her neighborhood late at night, peeking in windows—not for any perverted reasons; this is just her way of getting to know people. In the story Rave On, a simple trip to a rave party reveals something very dark about one of the attendees. In Mr. Woodlick, an old man divulges a long-kept secret to the kid next door; a secret that could change the boy’s life. When Jesus Left Birmingham is based on real life events surrounding the early 1960s civil rights movement.

The idea for a published book of my short stories came from readers. Those suggestions planted the seed that grew into Slivers of Life, a collection of twenty pieces written over the past fifteen years. The title itself is a metaphor for each brief moment of life these stories represent.

Do I have personal favorites? Though these creations are indeed like my children, I do have those I prefer above others. Forget Me (Not Fade Away) is one I am really proud to have written. It deals with loss on many different levels: loss of a child, loss of dreams, loss of a marriage, loss of memories through Alzheimer’s, loss of faith. But at the end, the main character finds a little scrap of hope onto which to hold. Another favorite is A Life Lived (In Under 600 Words). It began as an exercise and became a short story of boy-meets-girl, boy-marries-girl, boy-loses-girl, all under 600 words.

I try to write about reality. However, from time to time, the otherworldly has crept into a few pieces: a girl vampire, a reincarnated boy, a thief from the sky that just cannot be explained. Fiction allows for these digressions into the unreal. With the short form of storytelling, there doesn’t have to be a standard beginning, middle and end. It can be a simple scene, a dialog between a mother and her daughter on why boys are no good. The key is to just have fun with it.

51mJUzQHKZL81LhAS-B61LYou can purchase Slivers of Life on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Follow Beem Weeks:

Twitter: @BeemWeeks

Website: https://beemweeks.wordpress.com/


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Revise with Confidence

downloadJoan Dempsey has some resources that writers might need.

Do you know the proper way to use a hyphen in your writing?

Do you know how to write good dialogue?

Do you know how to cut the clutter from your writing?

Do you have problems writing character’s expressions?

Whatever the problem you have with writing, there might be an answer at Joan Dempsey’s website.

It is always good to check out different resources.

Happy Writing!

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Would Mark Twain like Your Humor Writing?


$13-$23 ENTRY FEE.
Submit 7,000 words (or fewer) of any original work of humor writing.

Submissions are not required to be in the style of Mark Twain or about Mark Twain.

We want to hear your voice. And we want you to make us laugh!

Deadline July 10, 2016.

Winners will retain ownership of their work. The Mark Twain House & Museum reserves the right to publish winning pieces in a public forum with credit to the author. PRIZES (winners in both categories):

1st Prize: $1,000 (Adult), $1,000 (Young Author)
2nd Prize: $500 (Adult), $500 (Young Author)
3rd Prize: $250 (Adult), $250 (Young Author)
Three Honorable Mention Prizes: $100 Gift Certificate for the Mark Twain Museum Store (Adult & Young Author).


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Gustave Flaubert

Flaubert-Francais“I am irritated by my own writing. I am like a violinist whose ear is true, but whose fingers refuse to reproduce precisely the sound he hears within.”

~Gustave Flaubert

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Castle to Cathedral to Cashmere Writing Contest



Deadline May 31, 2016.

All submissions should be made to and must adhere to the setting of Elgin, Scotland, and area during the 18th and/or 19th century. The winners will be announced at the Spirit of Moray Book Festival, 13-17 September 2016.

The entry must be a short story, in English, an original work of fiction, previously unpublished, and not more than 3,000 words. The winning entry will receive £350 and the second place £150.

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Do you write Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or Horror Fiction?

cropped-red-sun-logo-2-5Red Sun Magazine

Red Sun publishes science-fiction, fantasy, and horror fiction between 3-5k words, up to 17k words; 3-5k is preferred, but  will consider works up to 17k. They also will consider serializing longer works up to 80k.

Pay – $100 for stories; $150 for stories 15-17k; and $300 for serializations.

For art and comics they will pay $20 per piece; $50 for a cover.

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Otherworldly Creatures


Beneath the Chapter 

by Jessica Walsh and Briana Lawrence

Jessica Walsh: snowtigra@yahoo.com
Briana Lawrence: brichibi@yahoo.com






Was this why? Was this the reason he’d told her to be quiet, because this needed to happen?

The middle of winter has given the residents of the warehouse plenty of time to mull over their last adventure. The Storyteller has been found, but has left behind only more questions and no real answers. Just when the group exhausts all of their resources, a new organization comes to the surface that could tie up all the loose threads.

Unfortunately, the Chapter isn’t what it appears to be, and the Hunters are now left to deal with a new threat that hits a little too close to home. What secrets is the Chapter hiding, and is it worth uncovering the truth?

The Hunters series is an urban supernatural adventure with several diverse characters that introduces a world hidden in the shadows of the Midwest.  Otherworldly creatures walk among us, and lives and stories will be changed with just the turn of a page.  The book is 340 pages and is due to be released on April 30th, 2016.  

Preorder Beneath the Chapter at:


Purchase Seeking the Storyteller, the first book in the series at:



Read a sample chapter of “Seeking the Storyteller”:


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Chasing Eva

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Chasing Eva

By: Camellia Hart

Genre: Romance, Contemporary


Author Camellia Hart’s debut contemporary romance novel about a man and a woman whose lives are about to get sizzling hot…

Chasing Eva coverAfter living through her share of disloyal relationships, Evangeline Avery will be damned if she lets another man cheat her. A beautiful and confident woman, Eva is the owner of an interior design firm at the brink of collapse. She swears to bring her company back to its past glory, even if it involves sweet talking the one man who caused this turmoil in the first place – Clive Stanton.

Notorious playboy Clive Stanton is a powerful businessman and a formidable enemy of many. He doesn’t do love, or at least not until he meets her again, fifteen years after he saw her last. Eva, his crush from teenage years, the one that got away, is back in his world and he is determined to do anything to make her his.

Will passion and lust bring them together or conflict and the unforgettable scars from their pasts forever tear them apart?


Author BioChasing Eva Author

Camellia Hart, a techie turned author of romance, lives in San Francisco with her husband, the love of her life. Other than writing her next romance novel, her hobbies include traveling, lazing on a beach with a good read, watching movies with happy endings while gorging on endless buckets of popcorn, red wine, and champagne truffles.
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/camelliahartbooks
On Twitter: https://twitter.com/HartCamellia

Website: http://www.camelliahart.com

AMAZON: http://amzn.to/1V9xav6
AMAZON UK: http://amzn.to/1ROAxBZ

KOBO: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/chasing-eva

GOODREADS: https://www.goodreads.com/camelliahartbooks

IBOOKS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/chasing-eva/id1097559228?ls=1&mt=11

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