Privacy Policy

Any cookies on my website are used to ensure normal website functions (for instance, Youtube videos won’t work without their own identifiers). These cookies cannot be switched off because the website wouldn’t work properly anymore. However, these identifiers do not store any personal data.

When you leave a comment, WordPress stores your gravatar name, IP Address, comment, and email address. If you feel your data has been misused, you have a right to complain to the GDRP.

For further information on how WordPress stores and uses your data, please read this post.

Visit WordPress to see their privacy policy.


NOTE  – If you were opt-in to my newsletter, I will send you a newsletter from time to time and you may opt-out at any time. I will not sell, give away, lease, or share your personal information with anyone.  The only personal information I collect is for my newsletter and I ask for a name and an email address.