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5 Tip for Writing Biographies

Here are 5 tips I have learned while writing biographies.  This could also work for any of your writing projects.

  1. You will never have all the research evidence you need to write the story. So, stop looking for that “one more thing” that you hope will turn out to be the “wow” factor.
  2. Create a timeline of the person(s) life.  I create a Table document in Word for my timeline.  I create a column for date, place, event/notes/references. This also helps me organize my research materials.  This has also saved me hours of looking through printed articles trying to find something.  With my Word/Table document, I can click on “Find” and fill in the search box.  This gives me the reference article title and date and then I can locate and view the printed document.
  3. Create a To-Do List.  My to-do list includes names of people I want to interview, archives I need to contact, phone calls I need to make, etc.
  4. Create a writing schedule.  Try to write at least 1,000 words each day or at each scheduled writing time.
  5. Backup all your work.  I save my work on my laptop, then back it up to an external hard drive, then put a copy into my DropBox account in the Cloud.



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