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Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Do not go gentle into that good night,” wrote Dylan Thomas.

Thomas’ poem was looked at in the PBS show “Into the Night: Portraits of Life and Death” by Helen Whitney that aired on Monday, March 26, 2018.

This documentary allows us to think and even talk about mortality.   It does not provide us with any answers, instead, it raises many questions.

Do we go gently or raging against the dying light?

Are we in denial?

Do we think we will live forever?

Why do we try to prolong life?

Should we try to create immortality?

What do we say when someone tries to talk about death?

Are we prepared for death?

Would your family know how to access all your online accounts once you are gone?

Does your family know what your wishes are for funeral arrangements?

And so many more questions.  And of course, the biggest questions that no one has the answer to is: When am I going to die?

Even though this documentary is about death, it really showed me that is was also about LIFE.



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Is Cleo Marjoribanks the British Cousin to T. Dawn Richard’s May Bell List?

Dirty Deeds book cover

Barbara Bothwell

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I love a good mystery!  I watch every Masterpiece Mystery show on PBS (Public Broadcasting System) and I watch mystery shows on regular television.  Miss Marple is one of my favorites as is Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote.

While television is entertaining, there are times I want to read a book.  I searched for the next female sleuth and came across T. Dawn Richard’s May Bell List.  The first book I read of Richard’s was Digging Up Otis.  I had found my next female sleuth in May Bell List.  I think I fell in love with May Bell because of the cat in the shower scene because it was so hilarious.

When Barbara Bothwell gave me a copy of her book Dirty Deeds in Downdene: A Cleo Marjoribanks Murder Mystery and ask if I would do a book review, I wanted to read it right away but could not because I had several books in the pipeline that needed to be read and reviewed.

Once I started reading Dirty Deeds in Downdene, I fell in love with Cleo.  Maybe I like Cleo because I like May Bell.  The more I read the more I thought, “Hey, Jessica Fletcher had a British cousin, Emma” so why couldn’t Cleo be a cousin to May Bell List.  Then my thoughts got off track of imagining Barbara Bothwell and T. Dawn Richard teaming together to write a mystery just for Cleo and May Bell to find out they really were cousins.  Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?

In Dirty Deeds in Downdene, Bothwell wrote the speech pattern the same way she used to talk.  Folks in the United Kingdom may think nothing of the speech pattern whereas folks in the United States will immediately notice it.  Without this speech pattern, the book would not be the same or as interesting.

If one stepped inside the book they could not miss Cleo driving around in her fancy car and wearing flowing caftans that covers her humps and bumps.  They would probably even see the gears rotating around in her mind.

When Cleo hears of the latest murder she tries to get first hand information from her police officer boyfriend, “Steaming” Kettle.  Kettle tells Cleo to stay out of the investigation and let the police do their job.

Cleo, the sleuth, is not about to obey his orders and starts her adventure to solve the murder.  When one murder turns into three, can Cleo Marjoribanks link the puzzle pieces together?

I rated this book at 5 stars.

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Did you ever growing anything in the garden of your mind?

Mister Rogers Remixed

Do you remember Mister Rogers on PBS?  If not, that is okay.  You can find inspiration anywhere.


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