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Marketing Schedule


PHOTOGRAPHYWhat should a Marketing Schedule look like?

8 months prior to publication date:

  • craft a marketing plan
  • create a web page and social media accounts if you don’t have any
  • if you have no mailing list start compiling a mailing list and asking folks to opt-in to a newsletter, be sure to engage with those who sign-up for newsletter even if only one person opts-in-you are starting to create buzz for your book

7 months prior:

  • interview and research marketing, publicity, or advertising firms if you plan to get professional help
  • if you are going to do publicity on your own you can start on the 6 months prior list
  • continue engagement on social media and via newsletter
  • attend free webinars on book marketing when possible
  • read about book marketing and promotion

6 months prior:

  • start researching and connecting with organizations to schedule speaking engagements
  • create your press kit materials and post to web site
  • decide if you want to have a virtual book tour and for how many days and if so research bloggers and work to line up bloggers for tour or hire a virtual book tour company
  • continue engagement on social media and via newsletter

4-5 months prior:

  • send advance review copies for testimonials and endorsements
  • research magazines and other publications to send out copies to reviewers
  • send copies to bloggers who agreed to review book on virtual book tour
  • continue engagement on social media and via newsletter

3 months prior:

  • host a book cover reveal party on social media
  • start creating more buzz for book on social media
  • confirm testimonials and endorsements for back of book cover
  • last galley proof, continue engagement on social media and via newsletter
  • start writing press releases to send out one month prior to book release date

2 months prior:

  • ¬†create banner for virtual book tour
  • send information to bloggers offering a spotlight or author interview
  • send any photos bloggers request; follow-up with organizations for speaking engagements and confirm dates, etc.
  • continue engagement on social media and via newsletter
  • start writing press releases if not already done so

1 month prior:

  • follow up with everyone contacted above
  • start researching other publications for potential reviews
  • engage on social media and via newsletter
  • write press releases if not already done so and start sending them out

Day of book release – launch party, author to follow the virtual book tour of bloggers

From the day the book is released to 3 months afterwards work on the list above.

Usually after 3 months, a book is no longer considered new.

It has been said that marketing and promoting a book is 95% research and 5% implementation.

Hopefully this gives you a bit of insight to what a publicist does and the reason they charge so much…it is all the time spent on researching the right audience (media, book reviewers,bloggers, book stores, organizations, etc. to find the right contact person’s name, address, e-mail address, phone numbers, etc.) and making contact with them to pitch the book whether it be through e-mail or phone.


Go forth and market your book(s)!

Cindy Harris

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