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Street Crimes by H. L. Le Roy – Is Le Roy the next Mickey Spillane?

Street Crimes: Tales of Mystery by H. L. Le Roy, E-book – released April 11, 2012.

Street Crimes is made up of four short stories: “Mistake Proof,” “Rare Justice,” “Hollywood Hitman,” and “The Game’s End.”

When I started reading Street Crimes, Mickey Spillane came to mind, then, Donald Trump.  Like Spillane, Le Roy writes in sound bite clips making the story line memorable.  Hey, you always remember Donald Trump don’t you?  Well, he is the “King” of speaking in sound bite clips.

“Mistake Proof” is a story of a bank robbery gone bad.  The one thing that was not clear to me in this story was how did Klimo know that Dellicott had checked himself into a mental institution.

In “Rare Justice,” the reader meets P.I. Jillian Varela for the first time.  She appears again in “The Game’s End.”  Varela is ex-marine turned P.I.  She does what the police will not or is not willing to do: go the extra mile.  The character of Jillian Varela reminded me of a cross between Robert McCall, the character played by Edward Woodward in the 1980s television series “The Equalizer” and Jane Rizzoli, the character played by Angie Harman in the television series “Rizzoli and Isles.”  She has brains and brawn.

“Hollywood Hitman” is a good example of a double double cross.  It made me wonder if everyone in Hollywood wanted their spouse dead.

Even though I had to wonder how Klimo knew Dellicott was in a mental institution, this little snippet did not take away from the stories as a whole.  The writing style is what grabbed my attention.

I am looking forward to reading more about Jillian Varela.

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