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Book Review: Echoes of the Storm by Charlene Newcomb

New Release, Echoes of the Storm by Charlene Newcomb

A spell-bounding space saga…

Charlene Newcomb has found her niche: male/male romance whether it be historical fiction as in her Battle Scars series (12th Century) or this new sic-fi release, Echoes of the Storm. (24th Century)


Is this how it ends?

Jack Gamble swiped away the dark stray hairs clinging to his forehead. This defeat by Galilei-unimaginable. His people-dead, wounded, gone underground. The only thing worse? Fleeing with a small band of resistance fighters when he should have stayed behind to pick up the pieces.

His stomach tightened with guilt. He stared out the viewport from the jump seas as Encompass veered toward clouds tinged red by Torredo’s rising sun. Far below, a column of armored vehicles smoldered on the roadside, twisted, blackened scraps of metal. Fires in the capital created an eerie show of shadows and light across the early morning skies. The ship jinked through black, acrid smoke, which splattered the reddish canvas of clouds like brush strokes, a death mark for Jack and his comrades.

Book Review:

If you are a fan of Star WarsStar Trek, Battle Star Galactica, etc., you will enjoy this book. If you are not familiar with these stories and shows you might find yourself wondering about some of the terminology and acronyms.

This book is for an older audience, not suitable for young children. It contains violence, although not overly graphic and some sexual content and suggestive sexual content.

The story is set in the 24th Century. Jack Gamble’s home planet Torredo has been invaded by Galilei, and more specifically, Ari Norse, who wants to rule the galaxy.  Norse and Gamble were lovers. For Norse, it is all about power. For Jack is was about love. Now his mission is to free Torredo from the grasp of Galilei.

Newcomb does a good job of placing the reader inside the story. The characters and scenes come alive and the pace keeps the reader turning the pages. The story is filled with love, betrayal, secrets, politics, power, violence, death, destruction, and friendship.

About the author:

Charlene Newcomb lives, works, and writes in Kansas. She is an academic librarian by trade (recently retired), a U. S. Navy veteran, and has three grown children. Newcomb loves to travel and enjoys quiet places in the mountains or on rocky coasts. But even in Kansas, she can let her imagination soar.

Newcomb is also the author of the Battle Scars Series – Men of the Cross, For King and Country, and Swords of the King – about three knights in King Richard the Lionheart’s army.


*Note – I received an Advance Reader’s Copy (ARC) for an honest review.



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Hello, Summer!

I have not posted since March.  Blame it on the pandemic and the fact that I was placed on Administrative Leave for almost three months before I began working from home.

The Administrative Leave time gave me lots of time to do home projects and little else.

I hope everyone is well and has many projects you are working on.

Here are a couple of upcoming new releases:

Luke Murphy, a former hockey player and writer, has a new release coming out soon titled Red Zone.  I will have a post about this in the next few days.  For now, know that the Ebook pre-order date is July 1, and the Ebook release date is July 15.

Charlene Newcomb is a retired librarian and author of the fantastic historic Battle Scars series has a new book, Echoes of the Storm that will be released on July 26.  While the Battle Scars series is about knights in King Richard the Lionheart’s army, Echoes of the Storm will take us to the stars.

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