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Ronald James – An Adventurous Night

515b47D-X4LRonald James  (Author)
Publication Date:  October 13, 2010
 Book Description
This short story introduces Detective Sammy Shovel. He is short and built like a rain barrel, similar to the English actor, Bob Hoskins. Street people dress better than he does. Five years ago, bullets which were meant for Sammy snuffed out his senior partner, Harry Hart. Since that fateful night, Sammy’s had a constant chip on his shoulder. He will do anything to make a buck-even resort to dreaded repos.
Meet the Author:

61z9mRYug8L._UX250_Born in the depression and having no toys to speak of, I used my imagination to conjure up stories. I would tell them to my playmates, while we constructed space ships and buildings out of cardboard boxes. Yes, we had Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers back then. In high school I wrote stories, and so impressed the teachers they read them to other classes. In my teens I went to a movie about George Sands, the pen name of a women writer. I became enamored with having a pen name and selected “Ronald James.” Unfortunately, my chosen profession, architecture, prevented me from writing. Now retired, I have completed stories that have been buzzing in my brain for years. The Two Jacks takes us back to the mid-seventies, when porn crashed into mainstream society. At the time, I always wondered why the fledgling porn industry never tried to do musicals since they poked fun at everything else. My mind started to put together what if scenarios. The result, “The Two Jacks.”

As an architect, I organize space into aesthetically pleasing environments for working and living. This burning desire rolls over to the written word, where I strive to create stories that are fun to read and jolt the reader.

What to expect next from this writer? Like most boys growing up, I loved cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians. I remember listening to I love A Mystery, a fifteen-minute radio show broadcast of sleuths, Jack, Doc, and Reggie during radio’s Golden Era of the late 30’s and early 40’s. I have a series of detective novels that start with “An Adventurous Night”–a novelette that introduces my shamus, Sammy Shovel. My detective novels are not the usual “Who Done It” mystery type genre. In my stories, you know who did it, but I explore why upstanding and/or misfit people are murdered. Sometimes it’s simply being in the way to basic greed. Other times, as murder usually is, it becomes ugly and convoluted when normal everyday living is compromised. At the end you will learn who and what turned innocents into enemy number one.

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