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Copyright Basic Tutorial

When you have questions about copyright, it might seem confusing when you do a Google search or search

Here is a Copyright Basic Tutorial, I think might be helpful for those beginning to ask questions about copyright.

·         Why does copyright protection exist?

·         Whose work is protected by copyright?

·         What can copyright holders do with their copyrights?

·         Which works can be protected by copyright?

·         When is a work protected by copyright?

·         Where are copyrighted works protected?

This tutorial takes about 30 minutes to complete and is appropriate for anyone just starting to asking questions about copyrights or if you need a copyrights refresher lesson.


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Featuring Children, Tweens & YA Authors

Are you a Children’s Author?

Do you write for tweens?

What about Young Adults?

I am paying it forward in 2017 by featuring authors on my blog.

Sign up for me to feature you on the Feature Calendar page!feature-md

Occasionally, there will be bonus material, giveaways, reviews and more!


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Myrddin’s Heir Series

The  books in Myrddin’s Heir series are written by Robin Chambers “for bright children between the ages of 10 and 110.” They challenge as well as entertain.
A Wizard of Dreams, Book 1
Author and Publisher: Robin Chambers
Publication Date: April 28, 2013

“Gordon Bennett was born on 7th August 1999 with extraordinary powers. Where have those powers come from? Who – or what – is “Zack”…? His mother begins to notice that Gordon is different when he speaks his first words at just 5 months old and that’s before the really strange things begin to happen!
Fun, refreshing and certainly different, A Wizard Of Dreams is Book 1 in The Myrddin’s Heir series by author Robin Chambers.



Amazing Grace, Book 2

Publication Date: April 28, 2013

Amazing Grace chronicles the way in which a girl born on 25th December 1998 plays an increasingly important part in Gordon’s life (and he in hers). Grace can read minds, and she has healing hands…

Could her father really have been a God? How can she have two mums? And what has the most powerful wizard our world has ever known to do with all this?

The answer lies in the Land of the Forever Young (and of the Dead); but they can only get there by leaving their bodies behind…

How will Gordon’s parents react when he tells them the whole truth? How important in the scheme of things are their best friends Nick and Miranda? And quite importantly: how can the four of them help YOU to write really good stories…?

Can the clock be turned both backwards and forwards? And can their guardian angels help Gordon’s dad catch a serial killer…?

Book 2 ends on 27th March 2011 (so they are still in year 7) in a “magical” dell in Wales: where Gordon and Grace aren’t – though their bodies are. And what has Nick just found at the end of a rainbow…?

The Quality of Mercy, Book 3

Publication Date: April 28, 2013

The Quality of Mercy picks the story up precisely where Book 2 left off. Where were Gordon and Grace, while their bodies were in that dell in Wales…?

How do fairies cope with growing old…? And what has that to do with the wedding of William Wales and Catherine Myddleton…?

Can Gordon and Grace take on the combined might of wicked wizardry and witchcraft in Chester? And what very interesting discovery about Miranda and Nick does Gordon make along the way…?

Why is someone trying to kill them all? And what do Nick’s father and Miranda’s mother have in common…?

How do The Fantastic Four sidestep The Famous Five to become The Super Six? And who do Gordon and Grace find themselves rescuing…?




Gifts from the GodsBook 4

Publication Date: December 31, 2013

Gifts from the Gods  will give you some idea of what can happen when “gods” decide to show themselves…

How on earth can Gordon help hominids on a planet many light years away…?

When is a pony not a pony? And what is Groc the Knocker up to now…?

They need to team up; but how can they when the girls are in the grounds of a haunted stately home in Scotland and the boys are in the dungeons of a mediaeval Castle in Ireland? The answer has a lot to do with Lucifer’s rod…

What has the evil Goddess Morrigan LaFaye kept screaming for centuries at the top of a tall tower, where the walls ooze oil and look eerily like skin? And why does the God of the Sea feel the need to get involved?

And if that wasn’t enough, this is the part of the story where The Super Six become The Eight Team. What are Gordon’s sixteen greats grandmother and a lost soul from the sixth century doing getting in on the act?

What “gifts” might the gods be disposed to give: to help in the fight to make the world a better place…?




When the Cat’s Away, Book 5

Publication Date: April 24, 2014

Book 5 begins on the same evening that Book 3 ends. It tells you a lot more about the Council of Thirteen and how its members react to Octavius Mortlake’s death.

What plans does Adolfo Aragon have to inherit Mortlake’s crown? And how much help might he get from the Capo dei Capi in London – the infamous Enzo Potenza? Just how evil ARE some of the other members of the ruling clique?

Carmen, Goddess of The Damned, does not take the loss of her daughter lying down. How will she be revenged? And how next will she seek to destroy the children who were born to heal the world?

Gordon and Grace return from holiday and find out their houses have been bugged while they were away. Soon after that they find out what happens when you don’t fight back.
They are left with no choice. They have to go to war…




In the Nick of Time, Book 6

Publication Date: July 17, 2016

What will Ado Aragon do next? Where is Carman breeding an army of monsters for an all-out war? What happens when Groc the Knocker goes on trial for treason? Can the Eight Team secure the release of all Consortium slaves?

What happens when four criminal wizard-overlords try to snatch the children’s mothers? Who will win the battle to become the Consortium’s new capo di tutti capi? What happens when Gordon plays by the enemies’ rules?

Who does Nick meet in Avalon on his 12th birthday? What is he given, and what does his future hold? Who does he rescue in the nick of time?

A lot happens between 24th August and 9th September 2011. Hang on to your hats – it’s a roller-coaster ride!



About the Author:

Once upon a time –a long time ago – I was born in Bootle (Liverpool 20) in the UK. There was a war on, but I ignored it and got on with the business of growing up in challenging circumstances. Later, I wanted to follow in the footsteps of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis but instead was plunged into the maelstrom of inner city education as a teacher of English, then as a headteacher. I had a brief go at writing for children in the 1970s and was published by Penguin and Granada. I promised myself I would write something really good when I retired and had the time to do it properly.

It was only after I narrowly survived a murder attempt in Belize at the age of 69 that I realised how easy it is to die without accomplishing a cherished ambition. So I set to work on “Myrddin’s Heir”: the epic story I will leave behind. The first six books are now in the Kindle Store and on Smashwords. Book 1 is called “A Wizard of Dreams”. It’s free on Smashwords and price-matched on Amazon…

This is a long story for bright children from 10–110 years of age. That isn’t everybody.


**Note** these books have been included in my Holiday Blog series because some of the action takes place during the holidays.

Take a close look at the cover of A Wizard of Dreams, then look at this face. Does it look familiar to you?r-chambers

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Christmas Treasures

christmas-treasuresChristmas Treasures
Author: Bruce Spohn
Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: April 5, 2012

About the book:

This collection of short Christmas stories is powerful and touching.  Each story tells about everyday people, lost in a commercial world, seeking to find the eternal hope of the Christmas spirit.  They are just people like you and me, yet they impact each other and all that they encounter.  Yes, these are stories about the quest for the spirit of Christmas.



About the author:

bruce-spohnBruce Spohn was born March 5, 1947, in Lancaster, California, near Los Angeles.  His parents moved north to the Bay Area and he attended K-12 in a number of schools in different cities around the Bay.  This laid the foundation of his outlook on life.  After graduating from Clayton Valley High School in Concord, California, he joined the U. S. Air Force.  After basic training at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas, he was sent to Germany in October 1965.  Life in Europe appealed to him and he stayed in Germany for 40 years and finally returned to the United States in February 2006.  As luck would have it he was sent back to San Antonio, Texas, where he works for the Government at Fort Sam Houston.

Bruce started writing when he was still in high school but never published.  In November 1999, he was involved in a near-fatal car accident and woke up in the ICU a few days before Christmas.  He felt inspired to write a story to send to his friends as a special Christmas gift.  He continues to write a Christmas story every year and this is a collection of them.

Book Available at:



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Marketing Schedule


PHOTOGRAPHYWhat should a Marketing Schedule look like?

8 months prior to publication date:

  • craft a marketing plan
  • create a web page and social media accounts if you don’t have any
  • if you have no mailing list start compiling a mailing list and asking folks to opt-in to a newsletter, be sure to engage with those who sign-up for newsletter even if only one person opts-in-you are starting to create buzz for your book

7 months prior:

  • interview and research marketing, publicity, or advertising firms if you plan to get professional help
  • if you are going to do publicity on your own you can start on the 6 months prior list
  • continue engagement on social media and via newsletter
  • attend free webinars on book marketing when possible
  • read about book marketing and promotion

6 months prior:

  • start researching and connecting with organizations to schedule speaking engagements
  • create your press kit materials and post to web site
  • decide if you want to have a virtual book tour and for how many days and if so research bloggers and work to line up bloggers for tour or hire a virtual book tour company
  • continue engagement on social media and via newsletter

4-5 months prior:

  • send advance review copies for testimonials and endorsements
  • research magazines and other publications to send out copies to reviewers
  • send copies to bloggers who agreed to review book on virtual book tour
  • continue engagement on social media and via newsletter

3 months prior:

  • host a book cover reveal party on social media
  • start creating more buzz for book on social media
  • confirm testimonials and endorsements for back of book cover
  • last galley proof, continue engagement on social media and via newsletter
  • start writing press releases to send out one month prior to book release date

2 months prior:

  •  create banner for virtual book tour
  • send information to bloggers offering a spotlight or author interview
  • send any photos bloggers request; follow-up with organizations for speaking engagements and confirm dates, etc.
  • continue engagement on social media and via newsletter
  • start writing press releases if not already done so

1 month prior:

  • follow up with everyone contacted above
  • start researching other publications for potential reviews
  • engage on social media and via newsletter
  • write press releases if not already done so and start sending them out

Day of book release – launch party, author to follow the virtual book tour of bloggers

From the day the book is released to 3 months afterwards work on the list above.

Usually after 3 months, a book is no longer considered new.

It has been said that marketing and promoting a book is 95% research and 5% implementation.

Hopefully this gives you a bit of insight to what a publicist does and the reason they charge so much…it is all the time spent on researching the right audience (media, book reviewers,bloggers, book stores, organizations, etc. to find the right contact person’s name, address, e-mail address, phone numbers, etc.) and making contact with them to pitch the book whether it be through e-mail or phone.


Go forth and market your book(s)!

Cindy Harris

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Rubery Book Award

The Rubery Book Award is the longest established book award based in the UK for independent and self published books. The key to our success is having a keen eye for quality from distinguished and reputable judges.

Deadline – April 30, 2015

For more information visit:

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Wanted – Old Books

Wanted Poster1Was your book published prior to January 1, 2012?

If so, how are the sales for this book?

If it is not doing so well, “Relaunch” it.

In 2015, I will be creating an online magazine that will bring older books to the attention of new readers.

The magazine will be released quarterly:

March, June, September, and December.

This is a FREE magazine.  I will be able to keep it free because I will be selling advertisement space.


I am still working out many things to get this magazine off the ground.

If you are interested in showcasing your book in the March 2015 issue, please visit

to fill out the information request form

As things get worked out—like a name for the magazine, etc. – I will announce them here on this blog.




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Something New For 2015

I have been busy with work, the farm, writing, the grandkids, and all the crafts that I like to do.

This year I have spent time spotlighting authors for Virtual Book Tours.

In 2015, I want to do something new.  I want to take a look at books that no one has seen for a while.

Did you publish a book prior to January 1, 2012?

If so, how is it doing?   Not too many, if any sales these days.

No one wants to buy it.  No one sees it.  It is no longer on the bookshelves.  It is not high on Amazon’s list.

In 2015, I will be creating an online magazine that showcases older books.  This will be a FREE service to authors, promoting your older work.

How can I offer a FREE service like this?

With your help, by spreading the word and me offering “advertising space” in the magazine.

The magazine will be quarterly – March, June, September, December.  It could grow to bi-monthly or even monthly depending on how many books are sent in.

What else will be in the magazine?

  • Book promotion hacks/tips
  • Book marketing hacks/tips
  • Articles pertaining to writing
  • Author Interviews
  • Advertisements
  • And so much more

If this is something you are interested in download the form below, fill it out, and send it to me at

Subject Line: 2015 Book Re-Launch Magazine  (no this is not the name of the magazine)


2015 Magazine  or visit my web site

and fill out the online form




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Wednesday Quote

“Take up one idea.  Make that one idea your life–think of it, dream of it, live on that idea.  Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone.  This is the way to success.”

~~Swami Vivekananda

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Anika and the Magic Top

Anika and the Magic TopAnika and the Magic Top

By Caroline Blaha-Black

Published by Lulu, April 3, 2008

ISBN: 9781435711945

58 pages

Retail Cost: $11.95

Available at:

Amazon | Lulu


Twelve-year-old Anika and her two pet rats, Max and Cleo, find a magical spinning top under a rosebush in Anika’s mother’s garden. While playing with the top later that night in her bedroom, Anika and her rats are magically transported to a fantasy land beyond their wildest imagination. The land, called Animalia, is a magical land where no human has ever been before and only animals live there. Full of castles, quaint villages and ancient forests, Animalia is a land of animal warriors, magicians and peasants. Time passes differently there than on Earth. One year in Animalia is only one hour on Earth. Upon her arrival, Anika meets the animals in a place called Castle Village.She meets the elder of that village, the great white owl, who understands how the top works and Yardley, the fighting raccoon, who teaches Anika to use a battle staff. Anika is forced to live with the animals for an entire year, until she can again spin the top and get back to Earth. She learns that Animalia is ruled by an evil opossum king called Zarr, who is mean to everyone.  She is entagled with this villain when one day the tax collectors from king Zarr come to collect taxes in the village and find Anika there. She is summoned by the evil king and so she, her rat friends, and the raccoon Yardley are forced to pay the king a visit, otherwise the animals of Castle Village would be in trouble. Anika visits the castle and meets Zarr, but he tricks the rat Cleo into telling him about the magical top. He steals the top, Anika’s only way to return to Earth, and throws Anika and her friends into the dungeon because he plans to use the top to conquer Earth. Anika and her friends are saved by Goldie, a fat kitchen mouse, and Emil, her mouse companion. Emil and Goldie help them escape from the castle by hiding them in a labyrinth of caves, but Zarr captures them, and interrogates Anika to tell him how to the top works. Desperate, Anika and her friends figure out a plan, manage to trick Zarr, and Anika banishes him with the help of the top to an unknown land, so he can’t tyranize Animalia anymore. Anika’s victory over Zarr is celebrated throughout the land. Max and Cleo, her two white rats, have also proven themselves helpful in depose of the villain and are honored throughout Animalia. The Animalians choose them as their new king and queen, and Max and Cleo stay in Animalia forever. Anika returns home safely with a special gift from the Animalians and with a promise to come back soon.

About the Author:

Caroline Blaha-Black lives and writes in Denton, TX with a husband and four cats. She is a freelance writer with many articles under her belt, and she is also a reviewer for the US Review of Books. Anika and the Magic Top is her first book. She is currently shopping her second book, a historical novel about pirates, to interested agents.

About the Illustrator:

Judith W. Huey does portraits of children, pets, adults in costumes in several styles and media. She considers herself a mixed media artist with an eclectic style. She enjoys juicy, fresh watercolors to tight rich oils to the pioneering digital scene. She lives in Dothan, Alabama.

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