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Featuring Children, Tweens & YA Authors

Are you a Children’s Author?

Do you write for tweens?

What about Young Adults?

I am paying it forward in 2017 by featuring authors on my blog.

Sign up for me to feature you on the Feature Calendar page!feature-md

Occasionally, there will be bonus material, giveaways, reviews and more!



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Book Marketing and Promotion Plan

You are hard at work marketing and promoting your book.  It really is exhausting and tiPlanme consuming and you are frustrated that sales aren’t coming in.

Every author feels that at one time or another.  It is hard work marketing and promoting your own work.  That is the reason you need a plan.  With a plan you can free yourself to work on your next book.

I know that is easy for me to say.  I too, work a 40 hour week job, have a husband I want to spend time with, have a home to care for, plus we live on a farm.  So, I do not have a lot of free times to spend on marketing and promoting my own work let alone have time to work on my next book.  Yet, a plan helps keep me on track.
Here is a sample plan to help you stay on track, yet not using a lot of time.

Monday – Look up your favorite books on Amazon and read a few reviews and if you like the review click “Yes” where it asks if this review was helpful to you.  Do this even if you have already reviewed the book or purchased it.  You can do this on other books that you have not read and do not intend to purchase.  By clicking “Yes” this helps the ranking of the book.  Spend no more than 15 minutes on this task.  If you know the author, let them know that you did this and ask them to do the same for you.

Tuesday – Write a Press Release and send to at least three newspapers, magazines, etc.

Wednesday – Work on your website.  Update the events, change photos, add content, etc.

Thursday – Post a blog on your blog site.  If you can write more than one blog post in 15 to 30 minutes, schedule one to post on another day.

Friday – If you go out to lunch with spouse or friends, leave your business card on the table.  Your business card should have your web site listed.  If you don’t go out to lunch, visit your social  media sites and respond to your followers or start a discussion.

Saturday – If you find you have free time, write blog posts and schedule them to post on future dates.

Sunday – Create a video and post it on YouTube and other video channels.

Schedule something to do each day of the week to get your book marketing and promoting plan to start rolling.

For more Marketing and Promoting Tips check out these books:

The Book Marketing Bible by Norm Schriever *

Smashwords Book Marketing Guide by Mark Coker *


*These are books that I like.  I do not get paid by these author and/or publishers to list these books in my blog post.

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Wanted – Old Books

Wanted Poster1Was your book published prior to January 1, 2012?

If so, how are the sales for this book?

If it is not doing so well, “Relaunch” it.

In 2015, I will be creating an online magazine that will bring older books to the attention of new readers.

The magazine will be released quarterly:

March, June, September, and December.

This is a FREE magazine.  I will be able to keep it free because I will be selling advertisement space.


I am still working out many things to get this magazine off the ground.

If you are interested in showcasing your book in the March 2015 issue, please visit

to fill out the information request form

As things get worked out—like a name for the magazine, etc. – I will announce them here on this blog.




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Something New For 2015

I have been busy with work, the farm, writing, the grandkids, and all the crafts that I like to do.

This year I have spent time spotlighting authors for Virtual Book Tours.

In 2015, I want to do something new.  I want to take a look at books that no one has seen for a while.

Did you publish a book prior to January 1, 2012?

If so, how is it doing?   Not too many, if any sales these days.

No one wants to buy it.  No one sees it.  It is no longer on the bookshelves.  It is not high on Amazon’s list.

In 2015, I will be creating an online magazine that showcases older books.  This will be a FREE service to authors, promoting your older work.

How can I offer a FREE service like this?

With your help, by spreading the word and me offering “advertising space” in the magazine.

The magazine will be quarterly – March, June, September, December.  It could grow to bi-monthly or even monthly depending on how many books are sent in.

What else will be in the magazine?

  • Book promotion hacks/tips
  • Book marketing hacks/tips
  • Articles pertaining to writing
  • Author Interviews
  • Advertisements
  • And so much more

If this is something you are interested in download the form below, fill it out, and send it to me at

Subject Line: 2015 Book Re-Launch Magazine  (no this is not the name of the magazine)


2015 Magazine  or visit my web site

and fill out the online form




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Wednesday Quote

“You have to learn the rules of the game.  And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

~~ Albert Einstein


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When God Is Silent


Author Bio:


Kellie Lane, a native of Lexington, MS is a passionate orator and writer of God’s spoken word. She is an author, motivational speaker, and professional life coach. Kellie has dedicated her life to the work of encouraging others to reach their maximum potential in Christ. Her message to the world is ” Don’t give up, push, pray, and persist ” until you reach the point of breakthrough. In addition to writing and speaking, Kellie serves our nation’s veterans a Family Nurse Practitioner.


Author Links – The link for any or all of the following…








Twitter: @kellieelane


Good reads:





Book Genre: self- help/inspirational,spiritual growth
Publisher: Creation House

Release Date: March 4, 2014

Buy: Amazon | Christian Books | BN | BooksAMillion

Book trailer:

Book Description:WHENGODISILENT_front

“When God is Silent” confirms through scripture that God indeed hears the cries of his elect and the broken hearted. The book explains to the reader why he or she may be waiting on the answers to their prayers and how to endure in a season of silence. It also reveals how to recognize “God’s answer” if he chooses to answer differently than what we anticipate. The take home message is “ Never Give up! Even if God is not talking he’s still listening”. We must learn to “push, pray, and persist” until we reach the point of breakthrough. God desires to give only the best to his children. We must understand this.

Excerpt Two:


Chapter 12

Alternate Ending

I believe that God’s gifts and blessings are

abundantly laid before us. Most of the time, it’s

up to us to find our way to them. God has done

His part and it’s up to us to complete the task.

—Arina Nikitina


Declaring the end from the beginning, and from

ancient times the things that are not yet done,

saying, my counsel shall stand, and I will do all my


—Isaiah 46:10

Have you ever walked away from a movie wishing

for an alternate ending? You watched in anticipation

with popcorn in hand. Then all of a sudden the script takes

an unexpected turn. You find yourself thinking, “This can’t

be the end! They could’ve done better than that!” Perhaps

the movie you watched was a sequel to your favorite

movie. Your expectations were set high. You rushed out

and bought tickets early. You waited in line out in the cold

for hours without one murmur or complaint. Yet you left


the theater unfulfilled. Thank God that this only happens

in movies, right? Well, maybe.

Ponder this question for a moment. What happens when

the script of your life takes an unexpected turn? You know,

when life throws you a curve ball? Perhaps you had it all

planned out. You would marry the perfect person, raise

the perfect family, live in the perfect home, enjoy perfect

health, and enjoy the best job on earth. But then something

happened. You didn’t see it coming. Everything was

going just fine, and then all of a sudden without warning

the bottom fell out. All of your hopes and dreams traveled

south and you found your life in a mess.

Perhaps that once so perfect marriage turned into hell

on earth right before your eyes and you were faced with the

embarrassment of divorce. What happens when the once

so perfect job is now stressing you out beyond belief? What

do you do when your perfect child becomes not so perfect?

What happens when even those in your inner circle are

secretly planning your demise? Do you fold? Think about

it. What happens when you’d rather censor your personal

testimony than let others know about all of the hell that

you are actually going through? What do you do when

you’re doing everything you can to hold things together

and without sympathy the world keeps pounding on you.

Your heart is aching with disappointment; so many “what

ifs.” Had I only done this or done that. You feel defeated.

Yet those who want to see you fail are viscously leaning

over you trying to check a pulse. Do you accept it or do

you rise up out of your ashes so that God will get the glory

out of your story? Well, let me encourage you to rise up!



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Minerals For Your Soul


Author Bio:

Myrlande E. Sauveur was born in Haiti. She came to the United States when she was 17 years old to further her education. She started writing poetry and short stories at a very early age. Some of her writings won national recognition back in her homeland. Although she had a passion for and excelled in writing, she never major in English literature or communication in college. She obtained her MBA in Business Management from Strayer University and kept writing on the side as her main hobby and a place to escape when life became too overwhelming.


In August 2009, she was recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for demonstrating dedication, leadership and excellence in marketing. She is the author of Daily Spiritual Vitamins and Minerals for Your Soul; she is 2013 Readers Favorite International Bronze Medal Recipient in the Christian Devotional/Bible study. In early December, she was voted the Grand Prize Winner of 2013/2014 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading contest hosted by the Authors Show. She recently received a Gold Medal from the 2013 Illumination Book Awards “Shining a Light on Exemplary Christian Books”. Recently she was featured on as one of the Inspirational Luminaries sharing her 500 words of wisdom with the world (the 7 Pearls of Wisdom for a Happy and Fulfilled Life). She is a health and wellness consultant, teaching people how to live a healthy and well-balanced life. She is the co-founder of Dorcas Foundation, a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping Haitian college students and women in the community.



Author Links –

Website: |

Blog: |







Book Genre: Christian Devotional/Bible Study

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Release Date: February 2013

Buy Link(s):

Book Description: Daily Spiritual Vitamins and Minerals for Your Soul is a 2X Award-winning title include 2013 Illumination Book Awards “Shining a Light on Exemplary Christian Books” Gold Medalist.

Only God Can Heal You Both Spiritually and Physically!

Oftentimes, the vicissitudes of life get in the way of building an intimate relationship with God. We live in a fast-paced society and sometimes feel overwhelmed to the point that we question God’s plan for our life.

Daily Spiritual Vitamins and Minerals for Your Soul offers a dozen meditational reflections, supported by daily key verse, as a regulator to give our lives the rhythm we need to enhance our self-esteem, elevate our morale, increase our faith, and strengthen our fellowship with the Lord. We all need vitamins and minerals to stay physically healthy and we need the Word of God to remain spiritually healthy. These pages contain nuggets of peace and wisdom for a troubled society and its weary people—and with daily meditation and reflection on God’s Word; you will nourish your soul and soothe your spirit.

Review From Reader:

Daily Spiritual Vitamins and Minerals for Your Soul

Myrlande E. Sauveur

Outskirts Press (2013)

ISBN: 9781478713159

Reviewed By Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (11/13)

In her book “Daily Spiritual Vitamins and Minerals for Your Soul,” Myrlande E. Sauveur encourages the reader to “feed your soul as you feed your body every day.” This concept captures the essence of her chapter themes, selected scripture readings, significant life narratives, and meaningful personal prayers.

Each chapter is designed to follow a calendar year with a reading for each day of the month. These monthly chapters are well formatted. Each chapter includes a theme title, a theme verse for the month, a personal illustration with a life application lesson, a prayer, and a verse for reflection and meditation for each day of the month. The chapter ends with two pages for recording personal notes or journal entries throughout the month.

Chapter themes include topics such as: waiting on God, God’s love, God’s faithfulness, our loneliness, controlling anger, and dealing with depression. Answers to the question, “Why Me, Lord?” are considered in light of scriptures dealing with trials and testing.

I found the chapter God’s Plan and Purpose for My Life affirmed by the theme verse Jeremiah 29:11, “I (God) know the plans I have for you…” and by the daily verses that promise instruction, guidance, and protection.

Guest contributor, Daniella B. Pierre summarized her thoughts this way: “God holds you in the palm of His hand. He knows your every struggle, disappointment, heartache, and every unfair situation.” The daily promises that follow offer hope, healing, and cheer in times of all these difficult situations.

“Daily Spiritual Vitamins and Minerals for Your Soul” is excellent as a companion to your regular intake of God’s word in Bible study, devotional reading and mediation. It is also ideal for gift giving for any occasion.


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How Martin Crosbie sold 30,000 eBooks on Amazon’s Kindle

Martin CrosbieIf you are working towards marketing your own books, you know it takes lots of time and reading about what others are doing and wondering if what they are doing will work for you.

I have spent many hours reading about book marketing and wanted to share this new book with you.

How I Sold 30,000 eBooks on Amazon’s Kindle was published last month on September 3, 2013, by Martin Crosbie.

I am pushing this book to the front of my reading line 🙂

Crosbie stated on a LinkedIn Group site, “If nothing else it gives you lists of reviewers, promo sites (that are effective), and details how I managed to reach a lot of readers for my books.”

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Book Fair Catalog now available

The Online Summer Book Fair Catalog is now available for download at

In order to participate in the prize drawings, etc., you must download the catalog and look through it to fing the instructions, which authors are hosting prize drawings, give-a-ways, discounts, etc.

When you visit an author’s web site, please be sure to “Like” their Facebook page and if available, click “Like” on the book’s Amazon page.

Happy Fair Going and “may the odds forever be in your favor.”

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Untangled by Henry Sienkiewicz – A Virtual Book Tour

Contemplation And Entanglement
Henry J. Sienkiewicz

Henry J. Sienkiewicz has served in multiple positions within the United States Federal Senior Executive Service since 2008. His previous commercial experience was as the founder and chief executive officer for Open Travel Software, an award-winning software developer focused on the global travel community, and in the chief information officer role at three technology companies. He or his companies have been the recipient of multiple awards for innovations or achievement in the technology industry. He retired as a United States Army Reserve lieutenant colonel in July 2008.

Henry holds a bachelor of arts from the University of Notre Dame and a master of science from Johns Hopkins University. He is also a graduate of the United States Army Command and General Staff College.

In 2006, he completed and published his first book, Centerlined, which dealt with interpersonal and organizational dynamics.

Henry resides in Alexandria, Virginia.

Website| Book Site | Facebook | Twitter

Genre: Practical Philosophy/Self-helpScreen Shot 2013-04-02 at 11.20.01 AM
Publisher: DogEar Publishing

Release Date: April 2013

In a social media-centric, Twitter-driven world we live, the complexity created by the entanglements has caused an overload Called a Walden for the Internet Age, Untangled draws from the rich traditions of both Eastern and Western philosophy to tease apart the hyper-connected web of the modern world and challenges the reader to recognize and embrace contemplation as a way cope.

Through a highly approachable framework and the imagery of a journey through the heartland of Taiwan, Untangled provides the reader with the background of entanglement and contemplation, and identifies and discusses the three pillars of contemplation – silence, stillness and solitude. The book closes with a series of actions that allow anyone to untangled through active contemplation in daily life.


What Was Entangled?

Man is a knot, a web into which relationships are tied. Only these relationships matter.
—Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

In order to make camp, we had to go into our backpacks. We pulled out the entangled coils of rope. It took us a while to sort through the mess and figure out which rope was which. We had to identify each strand and slowly unwind each.

Our lives have similar strands, which we need to slowly unwind. To try to understand what entangles us, I use the model set forth by Shakti Gawain in Creating True Prosperity. Gawain used four categories which, for these purposes, I’m calling the ropes of entanglement: relationships, spiritual, physical, and career. As I outlined in Centerlined, we need to explore each of these in depth.

Relational ropes are the entanglements that we have with those around us—our families, our friends, our healthy relationships, our unhealthy relationships, our physical relationships, our virtual relationships.

Spiritual ropes are the entanglements that we form as we discover and explore our ontological nature. What do we believe in? Is there a God? What do we profess?

Physical ropes are the entanglements that we create as we strive for mental and physical well-being and fitness. They could be the illnesses we have; they could be the pains we carry. They can be our exercise regime.

Finally, career ropes are the entanglements that we find as we embrace our professions. Do our professions give us a sense of real achievement? Do our professions provide long-term value?

These ropes continually envelop us. They are not bad. They are not good. They simply are. They are simply a part of us, and we need to understand how we react to and embrace them.


A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.

—Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

As we walked along, we encountered clearings that let us see a greater perspective. We found the places that sheltered us from the rain.

As the week progressed, we learned how to adjust our pace in order to allow us to see more of the clearings, to find the places that allowed us to see differently. We were able to see not just the limbs but also trees. More importantly, we were able to find the distance to see the habitat. Critically, we were able to see them as part of a continuum.

Our measured pace allowed us to become aware of ourselves and to become aware of our surroundings. As we unplugged from our daily sensory overload, we regained our sense of self. We were able to use the silence, stillness, and solitude of the hike to recognize and cultivate the transition from seeing simply the branches to seeing the great whole.

We found that our transformation was not a passive and quiet process. Inertia did not bring us along. Our transformation required active cultivation and deep engagement; it required contemplation. We were not sitting around with vacant stares. We were actively engaged in our journey.

Contemplation gives us the ability to find shelter from the rain. Contemplation is a journey toward deep self-discovery.

We find that contemplation had to be done within the context of an active life. Following Saint Augustine’s third way, we find that contemplation could not only be done in daily, it needed to be done in daily life. To be fully realized, contemplation had to be done in daily life.

Through Saint Teresa, Saint John, and others, Western thinkers saw that we could experience contemplation daily. We are still beginning to rediscover this lost stream of our spiritual heritage. Eastern thinkers in the Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, and Confucian streams marvel that we did not see this as self-evident from the onset.

I don’t presume to offer a set series of steps to a life of mystical fulfillment. This discussion is simply a recognition and acknowledgment that fosters and enables a life that fully integrates and respects contemplation as an essential element.

I don’t ever presume to contend that everyone is a mystic. Contemplative nature is universal. Mysticism is not.

The attributes of contemplative nature are universal. Further, these attributes can be cultivated.

I also do not presume to offer a concrete series of steps. Our journeys all differ.

I do contend that there is an absurdity in trying to live without contemplation.

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