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Featuring Children, Tweens & YA Authors

Are you a Children’s Author?

Do you write for tweens?

What about Young Adults?

I am paying it forward in 2017 by featuring authors on my blog.

Sign up for me to feature you on the Feature Calendar page!feature-md

Occasionally, there will be bonus material, giveaways, reviews and more!


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A Flower for My Mother


A Flower For My Mother by Clementine Paddleford

This version of the book is different from the original:

* It is in paperback form

* Will be in ebook form soon

* There are photographs in this book whereas in the original there were illustrations

The proceeds from this book goes toward the Clementine Paddleford Gallery in a building that is being renovated to be used as a museum.

This book is a short read. ¬†Each chapter is a different TRUE story about Clementine Paddleford’s childhood, growing up in Stockdale, Kansas, in the early 1900s.

My personal favorite story is the one about the May Queen.

There are a few recipes in this book –anyone who knows about Clementine Paddleford, knows that she was a food writer.

If you purchase this book, scan a copy of your receipt and send it to:

And your name will go on a plaque inside the Paddleford Gallery as one who donated towards the gallery.




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Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers/moms in the World!

Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day!

Many women have children and become Mothers.

Many women have no children and still become Mothers; some by adopting children, some by becoming a foster Mom, and some become a mother figure when other Mothers’ children are far from home.

If your Mother is no longer of this world, think of her on this day.

If your Mother is in this world, visit or call her today.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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