Write a Press Release to Promote Your Book

You have heard it all before. You need a website, you need a blog, you need to be on social media, you need to promote your book, you need to build a tribe, etc. All of this is true.

Have you tried writing a press release to promote your book?

If you don’t know how to write a press release, you can Google how to write a press release and will come up with various examples.

Once you have your press release written you will need to decide where to send it.  Here is a list of sources.

U. S. Newspaper List – write a press release and send it out. This will take time on your part. You will need to review the places you wish to send out your press release.  Small, rural, newspapers are almost always looking for news or are willing to sell you advertising space.

OpenPR Worldwide Public Relations.

PRFire – Free press release distribution in UK.

PRZoom – a free distribution service.

NewsWire Today – a free distribution service.

I can hear you now. This is just a waste of time. Maybe, maybe not. The choice is yours. Do you take a chance or will you whine about the fact that your book isn’t getting in front of enough people?


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