Decluttering Time

Have you ever taken the time to de-clutter your workspace or home?  I know that I have.

Today, I am de-cluttering my external hard drive.

Perhaps, you are like me.  If not, count yourself lucky.

I have the tendency to save pdf files, jpegs, etc. that I find on the Internet, telling myself that one day I will get around to reading the information or doing something with the jpegs.  I save these because I know that I will not be able to find that one piece of information again! (I tell myself the same thing with emails.)

The result of all this saving is having files that I never get around to viewing.  So, today is my decluttering (deleting files I don’t want to keep and organizing the ones that I want to keep) time.

Here are the titles of a few files that I deleted from one file folder.  I still have several folders to go.

  • 15 Daily Actions For Making Your Feel Happier!
  • 21 Powerful Ways to Persuade People to do What You Want
  • 22 Powerful Tools to Transform Your Fear Into Happiness, Peace, and Inspiration
  • The 30 Second Secret to Blasting Your Energy Levels Through the Roof in the Morning
  • The 60-60-30 Solution
  • 70 Inspirational Quotes
  • 88 Fun Thoughts About Life
  • 101 Negativity Killer: Learn to Stay Positive & Achieve Your Goals
  • 179 Forward Steps: Life Power Tips for Everyday
  • 404 Self Improvement Tips
  • 1001 Tolerations  (a master list of things to stop tolerating)
  • How to Publish a Book
  • Abundant Thinking: Achieving the…Rich Dad Mindset
  • Amazon Bestseller Checklist: Download & Check Off Before Publishing!
  • Awareness Building


Here are a couple of jpeg files that I deleted.


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