Whomever Has the Courage to Read Part II

This is a story I wrote in the late 1980s for a Children’s Literature Class.

You can read the first part here.

A loud crack of thunder brought Matt back to the present with a start.  He felt his heartbeats quicken as shadows danced around the room and the light swayed from the ceiling.  A bolt of lightning flashed across the black sky and the wind blew the tree limbs across the bare windows.  He felt his heartbeats quicken and the hair on the back of his neck quivered.

As a bolt of lightning flashed across the black sky and the wind blew tree limbs into the bare window pane, Matt took in large gasps of air and slowly let them out trying to stop his pounding heart.  He looked around the room and found a safe place in the corner where he snuggled down underneath a heavy quilt and continued to read:

September 13th;

You think it’s all imagination, don’t you? It’s not you know.  You have psychic powers to help me solve this so long ago mystery.  The drowning of Judge Smith and the slaying of Doc Baker.

Help me, please!

Use your powers before it is too late.  Please!

“Stephen King, eat your heart out,” Matt said as he snuggled further under the quilt and turned the page.

To his surprise the page was blank.

At closer inspection, he could see that pages had been torn from the book leaving the rest of the book with blank pages.

“What are you reading, Matt?

Matt jerked up and squealed because he had not heard Grandpa Henry walk up the stairs.  He eased from under the quilt, but remained sitting and looked at Grandpa.

“I’m not sure, a diary of some sorts, maybe,” Matt replied in a low voice and Grandpa Henry could see the confusion in the boy’s eyes.

“Let’s see,” stated Henry as he walked across the attic floor to stand by his grandson.

Matt handed him the small book and looked out at the rain splashing on the window pane and noticing the room didn’t look so scary with Grandpa around.


“Where has your imagination taken you on this rainy day?  To the beach perhaps.”

Grandpa was clearly laughing at him and Matt got very angry.

“Grandpa!,” Matt said not understanding what Henry was trying to say.  “That’s someone’s diary, and it is very interesting.”

“Interesting, Matt? How can that be? This book is filled with nothing but blank pages, except for page one,” replied Grandpa.

“That’s not so!” cried Matt.  “It tells about Judge Smith and Doc Baker.”

“Look, Matt,” Grandpa said handing him the book, “all the pages are blank, except for the page which reads: To whomever has the courage to read me.”

Matt inspected the book.  It was true.  The book was filled with blank pages.

“But there were words on three pages, Grandpa, honest.”

“Psychic power, imagination, whatever you hold in your mind, will take you many places and have you believing in outrageous happenings.”

Henry looked into his grandson’s eyes and could see the boy was confused but he didn’t know how to help him.  Putting his arm around Matt’s shoulder, Henry gently led him to the stairs.

Switching off the light, he said, “Now, let’s go downstairs and play a game of chess before it’s time to fix supper.”

“Grandpa!” Matt proclaimed.


Hope you liked this short story.  Someday, I will expand it into a book.

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  2. Great hook!!!! Write the book, I’ll read it.