Holiday Books & Giveaway

You might hav02e noticed these past few days that the books are all about the holidays or takes place during the holidays.  That is because I am featuring this type of book during the holidays (up to January 6).

If you comment on each blog, I will enter your name into a drawing for a $25 Amazon Gift Card.  You will get one entry per day/blog, so comment each day and you will get multiple entries.  You can go back to November 29 (beginning of the Holiday Blog Series) to comment for entry participation.

Two drawings will take place one on December 18 and one on January 7. (**Those who have already commented on the past Holiday blogs will be entered into the drawing**)

Also, you may get a Bonus at the end of a blog or two.  But, in order to know if there is a “Bonus” you must visit this blog site every day and read the blogs to get the “Bonus.”

I also encourage you to take a moment or two to check out the author of the day blog site or website.

If you look at the books on the purchase pages, even if you do not purchase, read the reviews and mark “YES” if they were helpful.  This helps to push the book up in the ranks on Amazon.

Happy Holidays and May You take some Time for Yourself to Relax!


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