The Family That Couldn’t Sleep at Night

The Family That Couldn’t Sleep at Night

This book is a compilation of true crime stories by prize-winning author Bruce Rubenstein, including “The Milwaukee Avenue Massacre”, the Chicago Magazine article that resulted in the pardon of four men who were wrongfully convicted of murder. “Danny’s Boat” is a chronicle of modern day piracy and murder involving a double-agent for the Mafia and the CIA. The book takes its title from the lead story, the saga of the O’Kasick gang, a band of armed robbers led by a sociopath who wanted to die in a shoot-out with the police. “Star Stalker” tells the tale of one of Hollywood’s most dangerous stalkers, and “Last Train” goes inside the investigation of a string of hobo slayings, ultimately found to be the work of a serial killer.cfynrb8uuaaruzd


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