Play the ball where the Monkey drops it

Back in the Spring I was talking with a Psychologist about life in general.  They mentioned that one of their clients described their own life like this.

**Client Speaking–not exact words**



In my country there is a golf course that was built along the edge of the woods where the monkeys live.

When people would hit the ball down the fairway a monkey would go get the ball and move it.

Over time the golfers got tired of the monkeys and asked that they be removed.  The monkeys were rounded up and taken elsewhere.

For a while all was happy at the golf course, then the monkeys returned.

Since it did not work to remove the monkeys, the golf course staff built a tall fence at the edge of the woods.

That worked for a day or so, then the monkeys realized they could climb over the fence.  And once again started moving the balls on the golf course.

People grumbled so much that nothing was working to keep the monkeys away.

four-seasons-golf-courseSo, the golf course staff put up a sign that read “Play the Ball Where the Monkey Drops It.”

**End of Client story**

Life is like that.

Ever changing throughout the day.

Sometimes everything goes smoothly and other times we change our plans.

Sometimes we work so hard to do something to find that the end result wasn’t what we wanted and that we had wasted a lot of energy in the first place.

Therefore, we should take time to step back from our troubles and see if they are something we can change or something we roll with the punches/play the ball where the monkey drops it.



Note – photographs were taken from Google Images.



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