It’s Been A While, Again

Every time I think I am going to get back to everything about books, I find my time taken up with something else.

Have you every found that this happens to you?

So, instead of just books, I will be adding other things to keep this blog going and perhaps something I post will inspire you to write or not.

The other things I find myself doing include crafts – making garden totems, sewing-usually quilting, gardening, cats, chickens, dog, the farm, church, volunteering, etc.  You know, the stuff that takes all your time and makes it go by so fast your head spins.

picture-049-copy                                                                     This is Abby – Abigail Adams.  She is my oldest cat, age 13.  I got her when she was 1 year old. She lets the others know that she is Queen Cat and they better not get in her way.  She lives mostly outside where she spends the night in the Catio and days roaming the farm.  Sometimes she comes inside to take a nap.





This is Morgan Freeman.  He is 1 year old and the most sweetest cat  I have ever owned.  I  got him when he was a few weeks old. He loves to be close and likes to be petted.  Like Abby, he lives mostly outside and spends the night in the Catio.  He too, comes inside for nap times.


rogueThis is Rogue.  She was adopted in February of this year and is about 2 years old.  She acts like she is Queen Cat, but she doesn’t fool Abby one bit.  She is still finding her way among the clowder (pack of cats) and trying to establish where she fits in.  Rogue lives mostly outside and spends the night in the Catio.  She too, comes inside for naps.  She is a big lap cat.  Wherever you go, she wants to be.

These are only 3 of the cats that live on our farm.  I will write about the others later.


chloeThis is Chloe.  She is approximately 10 years old.  We got her about 3-4 years ago.  She had a stroke in the Spring and is doing well, just not back to 100%.  Chloe is part Rottweiler and part Labrador.  She lives mostly outside in a big covered kennel.  Her dog house is insulated and there is a huge tree close by for shade.  She likes to come inside sometimes, however, she prefers the outdoors.  Since her stroke, Chloe is not as active as she once was, however, she still wants to get in her daily walk with Dad.

What do you think about her eye mask?  LOL!  That is her natural coloring.  The only thing she is wearing is her collar.

And, as you can see in Chloe’s photo, there is a chicken in the background.  Yep, we have chickens too.  I will write more on them another time.

Well, that is it for today.

I think I shall call this – Seawall Therapy…because the name of the road I live on is Seawall Road.

There is a story in the road name that I will tell you sometime.







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