How I Met Sally

CindyThis is how I met Sally.

Do a relaxation technique.

Find a comfortable spot where it is quiet and you will not be interrupted.

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath through your nose and pretend your stomach is a balloon that you are filling up with air.  When your stomach/balloon is full, let it out slowly through your mouth.  Do this a few times until you feel yourself relax and your limbs are starting to go limp or you think you might fall asleep.

Now, imagine a peaceful place.  It could be a quiet park, a walk in the woods, standing on a beach, anywhere you like.  Imagine a gently breeze brushing across your face.  It could be warm or cool.  The sun could be shining, or it could be raining, or cloudy, or snowing, if your peaceful place is a winter mountain retreat.

Take a look around at your surroundings.  The peace and tranquility is very comforting.

Do you see a child?  If not, continue looking.  S/he has not found you yet and you have not found them.

When you see the child, how does the child react.  Does s/he walk up to you and tell you their name?  Do they hang back?  What are they doing?  What are they saying?  Is anyone with them or are they by themselves?

Approach your child and say hello.  Ask them their name and tell them yours.

Once you have connected, what are your doing?

Do the activity for a few moments, then explain to your inner child that you have to go because you have responsibilities and work to do.  Say good-bye to your inner child and let them know that you will be back and that they are welcome to visit anytime.

Open your eyes, and remember that when your inner child visits you or your visit your inner child, that you are the adult and that you are in charge.

Set some rules with your inner child.

Pam Young’s inner child is Nelly.  Pam met Nelly several years ago and both Pam and I would love for you to met your inner child and to get to know them better.

Now that Sally is awake, I must go have a talk with her about how I need to stop procrastinating and do the daily chores that I need to get done and to read all those books that I promised people I would read.


“Some of those books are boring.”

“I know Sally, but I promised.”

“Some of the books are not well written.  And, you know that you stop reading if the story does not hold your interest.”

“I know Sally.  I must, however, be fair to the writers of those books.  They worked very hard to put their stories together for folks to read.”

“Some not hard enough!”

“That’s not fair, Sally.  They all did the best they could do.”

“If you say so.  I am just not totally convinced,” Sally said as she stomped off to her room.


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