I have something to confess to my readers.  I have let my inner child get away with things that I normally would not allow her to get away with.

Whew!  There I said it.

I have known for a while now that something was just not right.  I have so much to do, yet not much gets done, other than work at my 40 hour week job-Sally knows she cannot interfere there.  Clean clothes are in the laundry basket waiting to be folded, the bed is not made–I just throw back the blankets and say ‘good enough.’  The carpet needs vacuuming and the furniture needs to be dusted.

The dining room table looks more like a sewing room table because it is cluttered with fabric and mail that I have put off looking at.  And, I have a large growing stack of books that need to be read and reviews written.

I have unfinished crochet projects and unfinished hand piece quilting projects in the den.  On the den floor are a few magazines, puzzle books and my laptop.

I look around and ask, “What is wrong with you?  You are the adult, not Sally.  So, why are you allowing her to get away with so many things?”

Meet my inner child…Sally.  Sally likes to play and not get her work at home done.  She would rather be outsideCindy, because after all, we have had unusual warm weather this winter and so far this spring.  The only thing that Sally does not like is all the wind and neither do I.  Yet, Sally has found places to play out of the wind.  She has played with the cats in the catio and the house, has colored some great pictures, watched some fun movies and is learning sign language.

If you are procrastinating, eating foods you vowed not to eat, shopping way to much and buying things you don’t need, then you probably haven’t met your inner child, yet.

We all have an inner child.  S/he is the one that lets us play.  S/he is the voice in our heads that answer when we think or speak out loud our thought…”I really shouldn’t eat that piece of chocolate.”  “Oh, go ahead,” replies the voice.  “One tiny piece won’t hurt and no one will ever know.”  That voice is your inner child.




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2 responses to “Confession

  1. Good post, Cindy. I think we’ve all been there now and then. And maybe it’s not all bad either. 🙂

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    • Cindy Harris

      Thanks Nancy. Sally and I had a talk last evening and the laundry has been folded and put away and some other things got done. Then we played–did some quilting.