Shakiest Gun in the West

Without looking – Who played the lead male character in the comedy western movies – The Shakiest Gun in the West?

If you answered – Don Knotts, then you are correct!

In 1870, Dentist, Jesse W. Heywood travels west to be a “frontier dentist.”  On his way, the stagecoaDon-Knotts.-The-Shakiest-Gun-in-the-West-arc-track-1-t1-small-300x228ch gets robbed by two masked bandits.  One of the bandits, Penelope “Bad Penny” Cushings (Barbara Rhoades) gets caught by the Posse.  She is given a choice, serve time in prison or get a pardon by helping to track down smugglers who are providing guns to the Indians.

Penelope wants the pardon, however, she runs into a problem when the man who is to pose as her husband on the wagon train gets shot.  She convinces bumbling Heywood to marry her and they continue on their journey.

On the way, Heywood becomes a legendary gunman when he guns down “Arnold the Kid” and though he doesn’t know how he did it because he shakes when he handles a gun.  No one cashakiest_gun_in_the_westn shake like Don Knotts!  No one!

Anyway, unbeknownst to Heywood, he had a little help in gunning down “Arnold the Kid.”

Don Knotts does not disappoint in this movie but he does get disappointed.

If you enjoy comedy and Don Knotts, then you will definitely enjoy The Shakiest Gun in the West!


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