Laura San Giacomo as Crazy Cora

tn-500_103204_wb_0222b“Anyone who believes in magic is crazy.” ~ Crazy Cora, Quigley Down Under

Laura San Giacomo plays an outstanding role in the western movie Quigley Down Under as Crazy Cora, a misplaced American woman with post traumatic stress disorder.  Back in the western days no one called it post traumatic stress disorder, they called it crazy, hence Crazy Cora.

Cora’s tragic past drove her crazy–gave her post traumatic stress.  She dealt with the tragedy the best she could.  Everything comes back to haunt her during the fight scenes between the Australian Aborigines and Marston’s, the late (Alan Rickman), men.  Then she is left alone with an aboriginal baby who is hungry and cries a lot.  The scene is very intense when the dingoes come, however, we see the inner strength of Cora.

Movie critic, Roger Ebert wrote, “She isn’t just another pretty face and a great set of eyebrows. She has an authority, a depth of presence, that is attractive, and her voice is deep and musical.”510Js33u90L._SY445_


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