The Sacketts

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51hDnoLvDcL._SY445_The latest western movie I watched was The Sacketts (1979) based on the Louis L’Amour’s Sacketts novel series.  It starred, Sam Elliott (gotta love his voice!) as Tell Sackett; Tom Selleck (didn’t you just love him in Magnum P.I.?) as Orrin Sacket; and Jeff Osterhage as Tyrel Sackett.  Robert Totten directed the movie.

You can see a list of full characters here –

The movie opens with Louis L’Amour setting the scene and giving a little background on the Sackett family followed by a scene where Orrin’s fiancee gets killed on their wedding day and Tyrel kills the shooter.

Tyrel then leaves Tennessee and after Orrin’s fiancee’s funeral, his mother encourages him to follow Tyrel west, to join up with Tell and to make a new life for themselves in the West.

Orrin meets up with Tyrel on a cattle drive and the two of them meets up with Tell at Purgatorie, Colorado.

Tell goes into the mountains to look for gold, while Orrin and Tyrel plan to collect wild cattle on their way to Santa Fe.

I would be lying if I said that Tell found tons of gold and lived a rich happily ever after life high in the Rocky Mountains.  And I would be lying to say that Orrin and Tyrel had an easy and peaceful trip to Santa Fe.

If you are a fan of Sam Elliott, Tom Selleck, Glenn Ford, L. Q. Jones and Slim Pickens, then this movie is one that has them all.

While the movie gives flavor to the history of the west in the United States and portrays how family members take care of each other, it also demonstrates the rise of greed in the country.


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