Much Needed Break

During the holidays inherited two pickup truck loads of fabric plus one-half trailer full.  Our pickup has four doors and the whole truck was loaded down—bed, backseat, and front seat–with totes and large bags full of fabric.  Along with the fabric I inherited a long arm quilting machine.

I had to think hard about how to rearrange my small sewing room to accommodate everything.  Needless to say, not everything fit, yet.  Yes, I am still sorting and arranging.

I have the long arm quilting machine in the room and have sorted 85% of the fabric-fabric strips of all widths and lengths, fabric squares of all sizes and for those of you who know quilting terms – fat quarters, charms, layer cakes, jelly rolls, half yards, yards, batting, backing fabric and everything in between.

In the containers, I also found, embroidery floss and ribbon and the stamped fabric to create quilt blocks with cross-stitch and embroidery.  There are also hundreds of pins and needles along with many different sizes of rulers and templates for cutting fabric.

I have been overwhelmed.  I truly need to have everything out of my living room and dining room before Tuesday, February 9.  We have someone coming to the house to help us create a Wildlife Habitat Management Plan for our farm and we must have room to sit and visit and to discuss the plan.

The good thing about this whole thing–I had to clean out everything in my sewing room.  With the room empty I was able to paint it the color I wanted–French Silk–a pale golden yellow.

Another good thing is I have had to go through everything, and I mean everything.  So far I have donated three carloads of things to the Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store.  They have been very happy to see pull into their driveway.  I have also donated some fabric to the quilt group that I belong to and donated one of my large hand quilting frames to the local senior center.  The ladies create quilts and have paid for others to do the hand quilting, now they can save money by doing it themselves.  And who knows, maybe someday, I will be one of those ladies!

Friends are starting to ask to be invited to the house so they can see the fabric in hopes that I will give them some.  Yes, they probably will end up taking some fabric home with them.  I have more fabric than I can possible use in my lifetime.  And as with everything else in this world, when I start a new project I will probably find that I need one color of fabric and have absolutely none of that color in all the fabric stash.

Do I have photographs of this mess?  No way!  You all would think that I was a major hoarder when in fact I keep a very neat and tidy home.  I will try to remember to post photos after everything is in place 🙂

One last thing…one day my husband found me in the fabric section of a store.  While I was admiring all the beautiful Christmas fabrics on sale, he said, “Really! Really!  How could you possible be looking at that!”

A woman can look…can’t she?

Will be back next week with entries into the blog.  I will be posting about some good books.





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  1. Lucky you! The only time I ever have a panic attack is at the fabric store — when I have to choose one and want hundreds!