The Miracle Ship

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Author: Brian O’Hare


Do you believe in miracles?

Do you have a “lucky charm?”

Do you read your horoscope everyday?

Have you ever heard of “the Secret” or “law of attraction?’

Are you religious?

Do you believe in a higher power than yourself?


If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, then you should read Brian O’Hare’s book The Miracle Ship.

The book follows the true story of John Gillespie from a young man who learns there is no cure for his pain.  With his strong religious upbringing and belief with God all things are possible, John endures pain that many others would not endure and many could not imagine.

At every turn in John’s life of pain, he gets a glimpse of hope of being completely healed, just to have a set back.  This continues on for years.  While his faith may have trembled from time to time, John never gave up believing that one day he would be healed.

Throughout his life of living with pain and healing, John was hearing his true calling, yet he resisted, until one day he could resist no longer.

John is not unique in the sense that he was able to overcome suffering and pain.  Every day we hear of miracles – it was a miracle the family was not home when their housed burned down; it was a miracle no one was killed in that horrible automobile accident; it was a miracle that s/he learned to walk again; it was a miracle….fill in the blank.

Everyday on Facebook I see someone asking for Prayers.  They are asking for the healing prayers that someone needs to get them through the difficult times in their lives. These folks are not just relying upon doctors and modern medicine.  They are looking for a miracle to happen to them or their loved ones.

Every religious person should read this book and learn about what kind of prayers you should be saying when you are looking for a miracle.

To learn of John Gillespie’s miracle, read The Miracle Ship today.




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