The Boy With Words

bookblitz bannerboy with words cover FINAL SIZEDFive Seven Five

By C.E. Wilson

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Book Description

Take only what can be used. Take only what won’t be missed. The Creators are watching all of us.

White Frost lives in a world cloaked in darkness and ignorance. While most people in her society are content to live in fearful peace, White’s cousin brings her words from the mysterious Unknown. Strange collections of written words that tease her that there may be more to the world than candlelight and dank hallways.

But when tragedy strikes, White can no longer rely on the words to give her solace. She must discover what lies beyond the only world she’s ever known… no matter the cost.

Eventually, White finds her way to the skies and there she discovers that the tantalizing clues of her words are only pale reflections of the massive and wondrous world above. Colors she never thought possible. Blinding light. And an impossible being who may or may not be the Creator of it all.

But this information comes at a price White Frost is not sure she can pay.

White’s hunger for knowledge proves to be her greatest strength and weakness as she strives to learn more. But as she learns, she has to wonder – is there such a thing as too much information? And what will happen as it brings her closer to a being who could destroy everything she’s ever known?

Find out in Five Seven Five, the first book in a two part series entitled The Boy with Words.


Author Bio PicAuthor Bio 

C.E. Wilson is currently living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband, beautiful daughter, chubby beagle and two cats. They are all the loves of her life. When she’s not writing Young Adult novels, she enjoys writing short stories on DeviantArt. She loves to read and write anything involving giants and little people (also known as G/t) and she can’t decide what she loves more: horror movies or shoujo manga. She has a bachelor’s degree in English Education so she has a soft spot for older literature authors including John Milton, William Shakespeare, and stories such as Paradise Lost and Beowolf. On a side note, nothing helps her to write more than drinking good coffee loaded with lots of cream and watching The Twilight Zone.

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  1. Your November newsletter talks about books you are reading — might I mention a book I am reading? It’s Lead Me Home:Hardship and Hope on the Oregon Trail, by Theresa Hupp, about Caleb McDougall and Genevieve Calhoun, who are permitted to join a wagon train for Oregon when the wagonmaster believes them to be a married couple. The story starts in Arrow Rock, MO, takes them to Independence. On one of the first nights the train stops at the Lone Elm campground in southern Olathe. They are soon in Nebraska, crossing the dreaded Platte. The author grew up near an eastern Oregon stop on the trail, lived in western Oregon, the destination, and then moved to Kansas City, which put her at the beginning of the trail. She has since followed the trail, several times, from Missouri to Oregon. I was immensely entertained by the book, while at the same time learning of the difficult challenges the 19th century travelers faced.


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    Cindy, this is John Somer. I just iploaded a 20,000 word document into Grammarly and the arrow is slowly going around, but I do not know if the text is being studied of not. Does it take a long time for this program to complete its work? Sorry to bother you, but I hate to leave my computer open so long. How does Grammarly examine a text and how long does it usually take? By the way, have a good Thanksgiving.