Book Marketing and Promotion Plan

You are hard at work marketing and promoting your book.  It really is exhausting and tiPlanme consuming and you are frustrated that sales aren’t coming in.

Every author feels that at one time or another.  It is hard work marketing and promoting your own work.  That is the reason you need a plan.  With a plan you can free yourself to work on your next book.

I know that is easy for me to say.  I too, work a 40 hour week job, have a husband I want to spend time with, have a home to care for, plus we live on a farm.  So, I do not have a lot of free times to spend on marketing and promoting my own work let alone have time to work on my next book.  Yet, a plan helps keep me on track.
Here is a sample plan to help you stay on track, yet not using a lot of time.

Monday – Look up your favorite books on Amazon and read a few reviews and if you like the review click “Yes” where it asks if this review was helpful to you.  Do this even if you have already reviewed the book or purchased it.  You can do this on other books that you have not read and do not intend to purchase.  By clicking “Yes” this helps the ranking of the book.  Spend no more than 15 minutes on this task.  If you know the author, let them know that you did this and ask them to do the same for you.

Tuesday – Write a Press Release and send to at least three newspapers, magazines, etc.

Wednesday – Work on your website.  Update the events, change photos, add content, etc.

Thursday – Post a blog on your blog site.  If you can write more than one blog post in 15 to 30 minutes, schedule one to post on another day.

Friday – If you go out to lunch with spouse or friends, leave your business card on the table.  Your business card should have your web site listed.  If you don’t go out to lunch, visit your social  media sites and respond to your followers or start a discussion.

Saturday – If you find you have free time, write blog posts and schedule them to post on future dates.

Sunday – Create a video and post it on YouTube and other video channels.

Schedule something to do each day of the week to get your book marketing and promoting plan to start rolling.

For more Marketing and Promoting Tips check out these books:

The Book Marketing Bible by Norm Schriever *

Smashwords Book Marketing Guide by Mark Coker *


*These are books that I like.  I do not get paid by these author and/or publishers to list these books in my blog post.


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