The Adventures of Stupid the Cat

The Adventures of Stupid the Cat 51RSEUyV8lL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ by Bruce A. Borders and Brenda Borders

As a cat lover and owner of several cats, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. While I was not so crazy with the name “Stupid” for the cat – I like “Chips” much better. If you pay attention to cats you can learn their personalities such as which one likes to play with feet, which one is afraid of storms or strange noises. Cats like to please and if left outdoors they will bring their human caretakers gifts and not always alive gifts-moles, mice, birds, etc., however, I have never had one bring me a weasel and for that I am thankful. I don’t have a piano, however, I had a cat who liked laying on the laptop keypad – not sure if it was the noise from the laptop or the warmth which the cat liked most. This book is a great book for parents to read to the little ones and for those who can read by themselves to enjoy. It doesn’t take long to read–a nice bedtime story or a story for a rainy afternoon. Looking forward to reading more adventures of Stupid cat.


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