7 Beautiful Words, 7 Ugly Words

Have you ever used these words in your writing?

Beautiful Words

  • Effervescent: bubbly
  • Enchanted: charmed
  • Incandescent: glowing, radiant
  • Murmur: soothing sound
  • Quiescent: peaceful
  • Serene: peaceful
  • Tranquility: peacefulness

Ugly Words

  • Chafe: irritate
  • Disgust: distaste
  • Grotesque: distorted
  • Rancid: offensive
  • Shun: avoid
  • Slaughter: butcher
  • Visceral: crude

Write your own list of Beautiful and Ugly Words.  One of those words just may become a prompt for a new  paragraph, a new story, or a different angle to the story you are currently working on.

Happy Writing!



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