Speaking to High School Students

You can make money by speaking about your book and the writing process.

  • What is the genre of your book?
  • Will people be interested in hearing you speak about your book?
  • Would they be interested in the process you used when writing the book?


Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, High School English and Literature teachers may be looking for someone to speak to their class about writing and how to write a research paper.

  • Research the local high school(s) to see who the English/Literature teachers are.
  • Contact the teachers via e-mail to introduce yourself.
  • Ask when would be a good time to visit with them either by phone or in person to discuss you speaking to their class.  (If you do this you may want to speak for free, so that the teachers will recommend you to other places that will pay you.)

If the teacher agrees, be sure to:

  • Set the time and date and how long you will speak.
  • Don’t be late.
  • The day before you are to speak, contact the teacher to be sure that nothing unexpected has come up at school and to confirm.
  • Put together a hand-out for the students.

After you visit the school, please write a hand written note to the teacher thanking them for inviting you to speak to their class.   This will mean a lot to the teacher and they will remember you and how thoughtful you are and will be willing to recommend you to others.



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