Cynthia Helms

516jxvapkcl-_sy346_pjlook-inside-v2topright10_sh20_An Intriguing Life: A Memoir of War, Washington, and Marriage to an American Spymaster by Cynthia Helms with Chris Black (Rowman & Littlefield), 2012, 224 pages, $24.94; $14.95 e-Book. ISBN: 978-1-4422-2131-4.

About the book:

Rowman & Littlefield’s Fall 2013 catalog states,”From wartime England to Nixon’s America and beyond, Cynthia Helms was witness to some of the seminal events of our time–Vietnam, Watergate, and especially the demoralization of the CIA in the 1970s for political purposes.  Opening with her feminist ‘epiphany’ in 1968 that led her to end her first marriage of 24 years, this memoir reveals a world where appearances always had to be questioned, where rumors and gossip carried the weight of intrigue.”

“Cynthia Helms, (90 in 2012; today she is 93), has had a remarkable, if not, strictly speaking, an intriguing, life. If there’s any person of note she hasn’t met on either side of the Atlantic, it’s not obvious from her book, co-written with Chris Black.”  (The Washington Times)

“Helms…emerges as a pioneering woman who seized her destiny at a time when women were slowly beginning to transcent expectations placed upon them to meet the fresh demands and challenges of a new era.” (Publishers Weekly)

About the author:

Cynthia Ratcliff Helms is the widow of Richard M. Helms, the ex-director of Intelligence for the United States.  Chris Black is a wirter and communications consultant.




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