A Flower for My Mother


A Flower For My Mother by Clementine Paddleford

This version of the book is different from the original:

* It is in paperback form

* Will be in ebook form soon

* There are photographs in this book whereas in the original there were illustrations

The proceeds from this book goes toward the Clementine Paddleford Gallery in a building that is being renovated to be used as a museum.

This book is a short read.  Each chapter is a different TRUE story about Clementine Paddleford’s childhood, growing up in Stockdale, Kansas, in the early 1900s.

My personal favorite story is the one about the May Queen.

There are a few recipes in this book –anyone who knows about Clementine Paddleford, knows that she was a food writer.

If you purchase this book, scan a copy of your receipt and send it to:


And your name will go on a plaque inside the Paddleford Gallery as one who donated towards the gallery.





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