The King’s Shilling


The King’s Shilling by Cherise Morgan

Filled with vibrant details, The King’s Shilling is set in a rich time in history when men, in their quest for adventure, enlisted in the British Royal Army – for life! Some were willing. Some were not. Eric wanted nothing more. Trent wanted nothing less. But, after an encounter with a shrewd recruiting officer, their lives take very different paths. If Eric could have known his life was about to be destroyed, he would have preferred the hangman’s noose. He betrays his best friend, becomes estranged from his sister, and sacrifices a relationship with the woman he loves just to stay alive. Trent’s world is turned upside down after he wakes up one morning with a pounding headache – and a shilling in his pocket. Despair turns into an unsettling anxiety as the implication of the coin sinks in. He vows to one day take control of his life but that becomes elusive as the colonies push towards independence. While Eric struggles to escape his miserable existence, Trent makes a daring decision that could cost him his life. Steeped in early American history, this dramatic story is filled with unexpected twists and turns that will keep readers engaged to the very end.


About the author:

Cherise MorganCherise Morgan lives in the south with her husband and is a proud mother of two beautiful daughters each married to fine young men. She has three grandchildren and enjoys spending as much time with them as possible. Aside from her family, American history tops Cherise’s list of interests, traveling often to historical sites and attending American Revolutionary and Civil War reenactments. Touring period homes are among her favorite excursions. She enjoys reading a good novel but savors biographies of personalities from colonial and antebellum eras. Her other interests include a long day at the beach and stealing away to a cabin in the Great Smokey Mountains. Cherise holds a degree in elementary education. She plans to continue writing historical fiction and to pursue screenwriting as well.


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