Four Seeds: Inspiration, Renewal, Beauty, Love

Four 9781939054166-ColorPF.inddSeeds: Inspiration, Renewal, Beauty, Love  by Jennifer Wilson Cooper

The beauty of ascension is in every moment!

In Four Seeds, Jennifer Wilson Cooper invites us in and shares with beauty and inspiring grace her life with cancer. Jennifer identified with Persephone being pulled down into the underworld over and over again. However, like Persephone, Jennifer refused to be a victim. If she was going to be forced to repeatedly return to the underworld, she would take control of what she could and create her own beautiful domain, hopeful and expectant for each change of season.

Four Seeds exemplifies Jennifer’s intention to surround herself with beauty and love and to focus attention on renewal and inspiration. Worldwide, Four Seeds readers continue to draw energy from Jennifer’s inquisitive mind and creative spirit and her strength and tenacity in living out her dreams.

Available at:   Rowe Publishing 

$19.99 (softcover)

$29.99 (hardcover)

  • 200 pages
  • Full color with photographs
  • 5″ x 8.5″

jennifer-cooper-four seeds

Jennifer Wilson Cooper


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  1. I wish this book was available as an e-book.