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81jmCVmuToL._SL1500_Left of the Rising Sun by John Holland is now available on Amazon and Smashwords.


About the Book:

Ten-year-old Buck Brown is the sole survivor of a plane crash in the interior of Australia’s Northern Territory. Watching the plane sink into the murky water of a remote outback billabong, he remembers the pilot saying they had been flying off-course for hours. Search parties will never find Buck, he decides. There is only one way out, to walk several hundred kilometres home.
With grim resolve, Buck sets out on a trek that will require resolve, knowledge, and ingenuity, a journey that will test his strength to the limit. He will be a participant in the elemental struggle for life and survival.
Buck’s gruelling trial will also teach him surprising lessons about friendship and loyalty. If he is successful it will be a trek that leads not only back to his family and home but also to a maturity not always achieved in a full lifetime.


About the Author:

John Holland’s works of poetry and fiction draw upon his experiences growing up in the Australian outback. He has been a stockman (the Australian equivalent of a cowboy), a miner, roadworker, professional hunter, newspaper columnist and media officer for a politician.


Read John Holland’s interview on Smashwords.




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  1. Great introduction, Nia! Thanks so much for a job super well done! Have a great vacation in NZ and come back safely! Take care! 🙂


  2. Congratulations, John, Antonia, and everybody that made this book possible! The story seems to be exciting and I am sure that ‘Left of the rising sun’ will be another success! 🙂


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    Hello blog followers! Boy, do I have photos for you from Doubtful Sound. While I work on pulling those together for you, I thought I’d re-blog this shout-out from Cynthia Harris for the novella I just finished editing. Yes…I did do some work while I was in Townsville!

    Thank you, Cynthia, for the nice boost. I’m so excited about this novella. It’s appropriate for children, too. Probably 12 would be about right, and grown-ups should enjoy Buck’s journey and learning about the outback too.