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Edward Mrkvicka is a lifelong Christian, award-winning author, lay minister and counselor. He is devoted to saving families from the ravages of adultery, and the divorce that almost always follows. Most important, he is devoted to the innocent children who are damaged by the selfish acts of their parents who give in to temptation.


Mrkvicka believes the only hope for betraying adulterers is the Word of God. This is what he tries to do with his books and counseling – ensure that as many as possible know what a true evil adultery is, and that they know it before-the-fact, as it is far easier to avoid the evil than to get back once the line has been crossed.


His efforts on behalf of families, understanding adultery, and the devastating effect of divorce on children has earned him a United States Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition.


He started writing professionally in 1980.


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Book Description: ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery’ (Exodus 20:14).

Have you found yourself contemplating committing adultery? Are you currently in an adulterous relationship? Have you been affected by an act of adultery? If you answered yes to any of these questions, No Innocent Affair: Making Right the Wrong of Adultery is the tool you need.

An avid student of the Word, Ed Mrkvicka addresses the fact that adultery is one of the main contributors to the destruction of the American family and seeks to reverse this terrifying statistic. Mrkvicka posits that few who engage in adulterous relationships realize the enormity of the cost of infidelity, both to themselves and innocent people in their lives.

Beginning by comparing God’s view of adultery to society’s view, No Innocent Affair explains in frank yet loving terms that unrepentant adultery is more than just an innocent affair. It is choosing Satan over Jesus and death over life. Mrkvicka desires to lead adulterers to repentance and eternal life with Jesus Christ.

Most importantly, No Innocent Affair takes you on a step-by-step biblical progression that leads to the sin of adultery being forgiven and salvation reclaimed.

Infidelity is no easy subject to discuss, but it is one that must be addressed. Follow along on this exploration of the consequences and ways out of adultery.



There is an old joke that goes: A man falls off of a forty-story building.

As he’s passing the twentieth floor on his way to the concrete

below, another man opens a window and says to the falling man,

How things goin’?” To which the falling man says, “So far, so good.”

But just like our sin, we all know the falling man will pay a price

when his reality becomes gravity meeting the unbending street.

Actions have consequences. But what happens when we incur a debt we cannot pay? If we can’t make our house payment, we know foreclosure

cannot be far behind. If we can’t afford food, we will go hungry.

If we violate the law, we may, depending on the crime, go to jail.

There’s no getting around it. The same is true in the supernatural.

As we cannot pay for our sin, either someone steps in to help, or we

go to hell. Thankfully, our benefactor, Jesus, has picked up the tab

for our disobedience. “For the wages of sin [is] death; but the gift of

God [is] eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” (Romans 6:23).

We don’t have to guess what our choices in life will bring; God has

told us. We either die in our sin or accept the unmerited gift of the

sacrifice of Jesus. The importance of His sacrifice is often too much

to comprehend, as it was obtained at such a brutal price. “As many

were astonished at thee; his visage was so marred more than any

man, and his form more than the sons of men” (Isaiah 52:14). Read

Psalm 22 to understand how truly horrible the worldly death of

Christ actually was. Some of us never give a serious thought to the

horrific details of the punishment He received before His agonizing

death on the cross. He was betrayed and then killed. He could have

walked away. But he loves us so much that He didn’t. He died in this life, so we don’t have to die in the next.



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