Meet Burt Morgret and Ghost Rider Book Promotions

ghost riderIMG_1216Ghost Rider Book Promotions

with Burt Morgret

Ghost Rider Book Promotions is actually a sister site to the Virtual Book Tour Café. My wife, which many of you already know, has her hands full with several businesses, and as we were surveying and meeting authors coming through the Virtual Book Tour Café, it became clear that many authors really just need an extra hand with book promotions, beyond a virtual book tour.

As I was learning the business, I wanted to do something more to help authors, and I put my wife to work, and that was the birth of Ghost Rider Book Promotions. Together, with BK’s creativity, we searched stock images and talked out some ideas for a name. Without sounding biased, BK Walker is a very talented lady and is the creativity behind the site and the logo. The name, well, I’m a biker and my other sites have biker in them, I love to ride my motorcycle, having also been nicknamed by my fellow riders as The Ghost. I travel a lot, and would breeze in and out of towns and people wouldn’t even know I was gone, or even there for that matter. Hence, Ghost Rider Book Promotions.

Using BookIt BK’s coaching, we developed a plan and created a services package that I think many authors may find perfect and fun in getting their book in front of readers. I know you’re dying to know what it is exactly that we offer, so let me give you some details.

Facebook Parties – we create and promote Facebook parties for any genre, over a 2-4 hour period. We will moderate the party and invite all of our contacts, you invite your contacts, and the only thing we ask is that the author offer a giveaway. Giveaways can be simple like an ebook or swag, and possibly a signed paperback. We’ve found that giveaways along with the games we play creates more success and more sales. This is great for New Releases, Debut Novel Releases, Milestones, Sales, Free Days, and more. You have an occasion, we provide the party.

Social Media Management – I have two options for this type of service. One is that we just simply provide a Social Media Blast – Creating status updates for Facebook and creative Tweets for Twitter daily about you and your book over a 30 day period.  The second option for this is that we will create your FB fan page, setup your Twitter account (if neither is setup), and then we will personally grow your following and offer FB status updates and Tweets over 10 hours each day for 5 days per week, and a few random over the weekends for a 30 day period. With this second option we will also create custom tabs on FB for you to get the most out of your FB experience.

Customized Promotions – if you need something other than what I have offered, I’d be happy to create a promotional campaign that is customized to your specific needs. Just email me for a quote –

If an author wants to go beyond what I offer, then we do suggest that they join forces with BK Walker’s Coaching programs that can be found at BookIt BK.

I do take on all genres, run several blogs and am very active on social media each day. You can find me almost anywhere, and if you would be interested in my services, please feel free to email me at or connect with me at one of the links below.

About Burt:

Burt has always loved letting his hair down to blow in the wind. His love of motorcycles began when he was a child when he had his first encounter of MC members. He remembers being at the beach on vacation with family, when a MC rode up in large numbers. The rumble of the bike along, the way the ground vibrated, and how everyone turned their heads to watch, Burt knew he would one day own his very own. That dream came true when his father bought him his first dirt bike. Learning them inside and out, driving them through the woods behind his home in Eastern Pennsylvania, he knew how every inch of that bike handled, and each year he got older, his bike upgraded, getting bigger and better. In addition to a good ride, Burt’s always loved a good story. Having more stories to tell from his past and experiences, he has enough he could write his own book. Instead, he married an author. His wife is B.K. Walker, and they live happily on their farm with their 2 boys (step-sons). Helping his wife manage the Virtual Book Tour Café, he still loves farming and riding when it’s beautiful and warm outside.



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