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Allergic to Life coverAllergic to Life: My Battle for Survival, Courage and Hope is Kathryn’s story of her journey through a battle to reclaim her life and overcome depression caused by an exposure to toxic mold in her workplace.

Imagine that the very food you eat and the beautiful carpet on your floors start to make you feel violently ill. Your contact lenses cause your eyes to burn and water uncontrollably. Trace amounts of mold on other people’s clothing cause you to become unable to hold a thought or get it from your brain to your mouth during an everyday conversation.

The life you once knew is gone and you have become a prisoner of unexplainable and severe allergies and sensitivities. In this new life you can no longer shop or visit friends in their homes because there are too many chemicals and fragrances there. You become plagued by one mystery infection after another and no doctor or specialist seems to be able to give you any explanation of what’s causing your terrifying symptoms. Depression sets in and becomes your constant companion as you try to cope with the stress of being sick and of struggling to live within your newfound limitations.

Kathryn chose to write her story because she felt too few really understood the depth of what a mold exposure can do or how debilitating life with chemical sensitivities can be.  Kathryn received inspiration from other fellow mold victims and survivors.  While this is her story; in a way, it is theirs as well.  It is the story of many who struggle to come to terms with a chronic illness.  Kathryn found that while many have gone down different paths, the depression, loneliness, and anger is a common thread among them

Kathryn TreatAbout the Author:

Kathryn was a vibrant and active 44-year-old stay-at-home mother of two when she decided to venture back into the workplace.  Though she had been out of the workforce for 18 years, Kathryn had always been very active in community events – PTA, school board and the local 4-H club – and was always the first to volunteer to help out friends or family.

Little did she realize that this opportunity for professional growth and financial independence would force her through a never ending series of battles with the medical and legal community, make her a prisoner in her own home, and mire her in severe depression.  After workplace exposure to mold caused severe immune system dysfunction, Kathryn’s world turned upside down and nothing would ever be the same.  She was forced to give up her most treasured possessions and was no longer able to be the active person she always had been.  Relationships were tested and many did not survive.  Defeat always seemed close at hand as illness thrust her into a battle not only for independence, but for her life.

Kathryn’s story of self-doubt, loss of identity, and the pain of skepticism – from the medical and legal profession – is a heart-wrenching journey of endurance, hope, and hard-won triumph.  Her experience with mold exposure gives her a unique perspective on the physical and emotional effects of mold exposure.  Read her story and learn how she was able to overcome these many obstacles to become an advocate for her own health.

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