Been busy writing

You haven’t heard from me for a week or so.  That is because I have been busy doing my own writing.  I worked with two other ladies to compile hundreds of WWII letters and we just finished those and are in the proofreading stage.

When I was not transcribing letters, I was writing my family Cookbook and working on another cookbook, plus writing on a biography.  I am also setting up a book for someone, plus my day job at the univeristy.


That does not count my farm chores.

So, you see why I have not been too active here on this blog.

Things seem to be settling down and you should start to see more books announced here starting later today and tomorrow.

For now, keep on writing!




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3 responses to “Been busy writing

  1. I am not writing but busy promoting. Good for you! I wish I had your energy – You are one very busy woman.


  2. Glad to have you back, Cynthia. Kharis Macey