Boxes for Beds

Boxes for BedsBoxes for Beds
By Maryann Miller
Published by MCM Enterprises, March 2013
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Leslie Richards, author and single mother, moves from New York to the sleepy town of Pine Hollow Arkansas to get away from a past she’s hoping to forget. For-getting becomes impossible when the local sheriff decides she’s a prime suspect in the kidnapping of a baby, and her secrets are threatened in this historical mystery set in 1961. Sheriff Bates doesn’t trust northern do-gooders who have “Come to tell us how to treat our nigras,” and bows to pressure from the mob that controls Hot Springs. Will Leslie get railroaded for a crime she did not commit? Can she forgive Ronald for walking out on her?
Maryann MillerAbout the Author:
Maryann Miller is a best-selling author of books, screenplays and stage plays. She has won numerous awards for her screenplays and short fiction, including the Page Edwards Short Fiction Award, the New York Library Best Books for Teens Award, and first place in the screenwriting competition at the Houston Writer’s Conference. She has been writ-ing all her life and plans to die at her computer or out in her garden in the beautiful Piney Woods of East Texas where she lives with her husband, one horse, one goat, one sheep, one dog and four cats. The cats rule.



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  1. This sounds intriguing. I need two of me to read all the books I am finding here on your blog.