The Champagne Ladies

champagne_ladies_2500The Champagne Ladies

By Gregg Cebrzynski

Published by Gregg Cebrzynski, August 21, 2012

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Two exotic strangers move into a conservative Chicago neighborhood in the summer of 1968, touching off a series of events that leads to the murder of an innocent woman.  Set against the violent backdrop of the Democratic National Convention that summer in Chicago and the Vietnam War, the novel explores changing race relationships, emerging social values, and the consequences of religion and patriotism run amok.

Gregg CebrzynskiAbout the Author:

Gregg Cebrzynski was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, in a neighborhood known as Little Village.  He was a newspaper writer and editor for nearly forty years until the economy and the decline in readership of print publications played a dirty trick on him.  He now lives on the North Side of Chicago and visits the South Side from time to time when he grows nostalgic.  He is not known to have any hobbies.




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