A skeleton in the library walls

The Rosary Bride: A Cloistered DeathRosary Bride

By Luisa Buehler

ISBN-10: 1-59080-227-6

Retail Cost: $11.99, paperback

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A Catholic women’s college, a skeleton in the library walls, a haunting apparition, and underground tunnels.  Grace Marsden follows the thin thread of a murder committed fifty years ago.  She has rattled the chains of a fifty-year old mystery and somebody living wants to stop her dead in her tracks.  Now, a killer stalks her down long forgotten corridors.  Evil is intent on repeating history from a night half a century ago.

About the Author:

Luisa Buehler Luisa Buehler writes the Grace Marsden Mystery Series.  Reviewers have called her series “a cold-case-sizzle.”  The stories follow the cold trail of bygone crimes using a blending of a traditional whodunit with a hint of romance and a touch of the supernatural.  The series won The Readers Choice Award for best traditional amateur sleuth.  Luisa lives in Lisle, Illinois with her husband Gerry, their son Christopher, and the family cat, Martin Marmalade.

The author is available for interviews, programs and author fairs and related festivals.  Luisa speaks on the topics concerning Book Craft and topics that are just fun like “50 Shades od Dead” – How Authors Choose to Kill Off Characters and “Plotting While Potting” – A look at lethal plants in our every day gardens.

Website: http://www/luisabuehler.com

E-mail: luisabuehler@gmail.com


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