Kailey’s Ag Adventures

AnthologyCoverKailey’s Ag Adventures

Published by Kansas Farm Bureau, 2012

ISBN: 978-0-9797653-5-3

94 pages, trim size 8.75”x8.75”

Retail Cost: $25

Available at:

http://www.kfb.org | Amazon


 Since 2007, Kansas Farm Bureau has published children’s stories geared towards pre-kindergarten through 3rd grade learners as part of Kailey’s Ag Adventures.  Late in 2012 a hard-cover edition featuring all five stories in the series was released.

This book features: Milk Comes from a Cow?, The Soil Neighborhood, Farmers and Ranchers Care about their Animals!, Celebrate Wheat, and Growing Up Strong.

The book is a collector’s item that features accurate, factual stories for young children about the importance of agricultural in their daily lives.  It includes beautiful color photos, fun illustrations and stories that bring farming to life.

YunkDanAbout the Author:

The book series was the brainchild of Kansas Farm Bureau’s Executive Director—CEO Dan Yunk, who is a former public school teacher, principal and superintendent of schools.  After seeing his granddaughter, Kailey, learn about agriculture through Farm Bureau events, he decided an educational book series was the ticket, and Kailey’s Ag Adventures was born.

About the Illustrator:MicheleJohnson

Michele Johnson has illustrated more than 2,700 greeting cards and gift items for a variety of stationary and giftware companies throughout her careers.  She also enjoys illustrating her cartoons, “Agtoons,” “Java Juice,” and writing a blog, “My Daily Shot of Coffee.”

Website: http://www.kfb.org

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KansasFarmBureau



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