Authors for Library Ebooks

Black Lilac Kitty Book Promotion’s mission is to help authors get their books into libraries.

Now the authors have an opportunity to help libraries through the “Authors for Library Ebooks” web page.

This web page is part of the American Library Association web site.  Here is some of what it states:

“Did you know that many ebooks are no available to most libraries at any price?  Of those we can buy, libraries frequently pay 150 to 500% more than the consumre price, forcing us to purchase fewer copies for library readers to discover.”

So, how do authors benefit when libraries are able to buy ebooks?

  • Libraries help people find you.
  • If a person checks out a book from the library and they like it, many will buy it for themselves.
  • Libraries respects the author and honors their work by paying for what they use and they protect your copyright.
  • “Libraries help grow readers–and writers.”

If you are an author and would like to stand with libraries on the issue of “equitable access to digital content through libraries,” please visit the web site above to learn what you can do to help.

Remember, when you help libraries, you are actually helping authors too.

So, during this book fair week, help the libraries who are purchasing your work and the work of your fellow authors.


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  1. I don’t have my book available just yet but I am saving this information. Thank you for sharing it.