Book Fair Fun and Give-Away Information

The book fair begins on Sunday, July 21, 2013 and there will again be prizes given away.

We are doing the prizes differently.  Instead of signing up for prizes via Rafflecopter, the participants will need to download the catalog that will be available at Black Lilac Kitty Book Promotion ( on Sunday and read through/look through the catalog to see how to enter for prize drawings, find book promotion specials, etc.

We thought that many people look for the Rafflecopter sign-up and ignore the purpose of the fair, which is to promote authors and their works.  So, in order to participate in the give-aways, you must at least flip through the catalog.  And hopefully, something in the catalog will catach your eye.

Prizes include:


Gift Cards

Specials on Book Promotion

And other stuff

Hope to see you around the “fair grounds”

Twitter:  @Cyn_Harris

Twitter: @blacklilackitty

on the website too!


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4 responses to “Book Fair Fun and Give-Away Information

  1. Great idea! I like that it requires everyone to look through the catalog. Last winter I discovered some amazing authors and some great books.


  2. Hi, why don’t you post this to our group thread, LIKING AND FORWARDING ON BARNES AND NOBLE AND ON FACEBOOK? Good luck. Kharis Macey