Killed in Kruger by Denise Hartman

Killed in Kruger by Denise Hartman



Tabitha Krans arrives to discover the veldt of South Africa’s Kruger Park seems to have swallowed up Uncle Phillip.  Tabitha’s afraid her writing career has disappeared along with him and dire things lie in wait for her as her mother had predicted.  Uncle Phillip’s connections are her only link to travel writing and his photos are crucial.  When he turns up dead, she wants the truth.  Dead men don’t speak but photos Phillip took evoke strange reactions in park authorities.  Her nosing around turns up suspicions of human trafficking, poaching and covert investigations but not many answers.  South Africa holds dark secrets and deep beauty but it doesn’t want to give Tabitha the truth.  She keeps prying until someone believes she’s a threat in need of elimination.

Killing in Kruger is Denise Hartman’s debut novel.


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