Ann L. Carter’s journey into middle-aged motherhood


Spiders From Heaven by Ann L. Carter

“Here I am starting this journal about possibly adopting and I can’t even put ‘Adoption’ as the file name. What am I afraid of? That someone might look in my computer and think I want a child to love?”


So begins the author’s personal story of adoption and motherhood. A forty-three year old woman living in a small university town in the Midwest, she had more than enough to do with a teaching career, travel, art, house and garden, and a somewhat demanding cat. When a close friend sends her an article about a couple bringing home a little girl from China, she realizes she must rethink the possibility of having children, a dream she thought she’d left behind.


Through journal entries, letters, emails, and poems spanning 15 years, she recounts the ups and downs of her decision making, the adoption process, and single parenting. Told with wit, sensitivity, and compelling honesty, Spiders from Heaven immediately brings the reader into her journey, a journey full of doubts and setbacks, but always with the underlying belief that, in the end, one must follow one’s heart.


About the Author:

Ann Carter is a working artist and writer living with her two daughters and a variety of animals on a small acreage located in the Flint Hills of central Kansas. For more information on her art and writing, visit Watch a short documentary about her current life, “Building a Nest.”

Book is available from Rowe Publishing  and Amazon.




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  1. This sounds like a book I want to read. I am soon going to need to take a year of from doing anything to read all the new books I am finding.