Elvis Attends 50th Class Reunion

Lady Justice and the Class Reunion by Robert Thornhill

Robert Thornhill has been dubbed “The Master of Hysterical Fiction.”

In Lady Justice And The Class Reunion, main character Walt Williams, one of Kansas City’s finest, goes undercover as an Elvis impersonator at his class reunion to smoke out one of his classmates that might have been involved in a shooting.

Elvis_1_cropCkick on the link below to see the author’s performance at his wife’s 50th class reunion.


Excerpt from Chapter 2

“Okay, Paddy,” Frank said as the three friends huddled in Ernie’s apartment at Whispering Hills, “now that we’re away from prying ears, what’s the scoop on this drug thing?”
Patrick O’Brian looked sternly at his two companions. “I’ll tell you what I can without breaking the confessional seal, but you must promise two things.”
“Sure! Sure!” Frank replied impatiently. “Anything. Just get on with it.”
“First, what I tell you today must remain absolutely confidential. You can’t breathe a word to anyone. If someone discovered that I was sharing confessional information — well— it could stir up all kinds of problems.”
“That’s not a problem,” Ernie replied. “What else?”
“Don’t press me for more than I can give.” He looked directly at Frank. “You can be a bit pushy at times, my friend. If I tell you something is off limits, back off!”
Frank raised his hands in a mock defensive posture. “I read you loud and clear, Padre. You’re the boss.”


Lady Justice and the Class Reunion is # 12 in the Lady Justice series.  Visit (http://booksbybob.com) for more information about Robert Thornhill and his books.

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  1. I have one of his books in my Kindle and will be reading it very soon. How exciting!