Calling All Self-Published Authors

There are catalogs listing books traditionally published by publishers and these catalogs get distributed to bookstores, public libraries and academic libraries.

I have not seen a catalog with self-published books listed.  Therefore, I am creating one.

If you are a self-published author, send me the information on your book to be listed in the self-published book catalog.

At this time, this catalog will be FREE for all self-published authors to list your book(s).

See our web site ( as to the information needed.

The information we need is the same as for the Summer Book Fair.

Note – the catalog will be strictly for self-published authors while the Summer Book Fair catalog is for any and all authors.

Please share this information with all your self-published book friends and contacts.





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2 responses to “Calling All Self-Published Authors

  1. Wonderful! Am sending in my information now.


  2. How exciting! I doubt I will be ready by then. Maybe when you do an updated version.