Library Use of E-books, 2013 Edition

From: Library Resources Group (LRG)


The 120-page study is based on data from 68 public, academic, corporate, legal and government libraries, with data broken out by type of library, size of library and other criteria.  The study paints a portrait of how libraries are using e-books, and covers spending,  budgets, contracts, licensing, number of licenses maintained, and aggregator and publisher preferences and aggregator vs publisher sales as a percentage of total e-book spending. 

The report also presents detailed data on library spending on particular retail vendors such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all other online book vendors. Additional coverage includes data on e-audio books, use of consortium purchasing arrangements for e-books, the impact of e-books on Interlibrary loan, range of titles typically available for e-book rental at libraries, the impact of tablets and other e-book reading devices, the impact of e-book on course reserves for higher education libraries, the evolving state of dedicated endowments for e-books, use of and spending on e-directories, trends in e-book pricing as experienced by libraries, trends in e-book collection planning, use of e-textbooks and more.

Key findings:

• Spending on e-textbooks will increase from a mean of $1,042 in 2012 to approximately $1,528 in 2013 for the libraries in the sample
• Public libraries have spent a mean of $8,750 on electronic and internet versions of directories.
• Libraries in the sample spent a mean of $118,676 on e-books in 2012
• 32.86% of libraries in the sample have a contract with Ebrary, including 19.23% of libraries with a total budget of less than $500,000
• Libraries in the sample expect to renew almost 75% of their current e-book contracts upon completion.
• 37.13% of e-book orders made by libraries in the sample are placed with e-book divisions of traditional book jobbers or distributors
• On average, libraries in the sample have experienced a mean increase of 17.93% in the price of e-books in the last year


What does this mean for authors?

It means you should make sure that you have an Extended Distribution for your book so that it is included in the catalogs sent out to Libraries.

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